Former BLUE star Duncan James is furious with his mother for selling his personal boyband memorabilia on internet auction site eBay.

The 26-year-old's mother, FIONA INGLIS, has already sold 78 items, including Blue tour passes, James' favourite Versace belt, a framed photo of the singer and a signed 2005 tour sticker books.

James had previously given his 47-year-old mum permission to sell copies of her out-of-print book about their life together, JUST THE TWO OF US, on eBay.

But he is less happy Inglis has taken to selling other items of memorabilia online.

A spokesperson for James says, "Duncan was aware his mother was selling her book on eBay as it's not available in the shops anymore.

"But he was not aware she was selling other items and he has asked her to stop immediately."