Duran Duran don't miss the sex symbol label.

The band was formed over 30 years ago and insisted they are happy that as they get older there is more focus on their music rather than their looks.

During a webchat on The Guardian's website, they were asked: ''Does being liberated from the 'sex god' label, and an audience solely interested in your musical talent, alter the way you now perform?''

Drummer Roger Taylor replied: ''I don't think we ever took that stuff too seriously. Whereas we've taken our playing very seriously, and still do.''

But bassist John Taylor joked: ''I'm not sure I like that! 'Being liberated' is a very nice way of saying you're no longer a sex god.''

And John also reveled that he hates to show the band's unfinished work to anyone, especially his ''judgemental'' children.

Speaking ahead of the release of their 14th studio album 'Paper Gods', he said: ''I don't like sharing work in progress with anybody. Least of all my children who are amongst the most judgemental people I know. My stepson like Arcade Fire, LCD Soundsystem, my daughter likes Kendrick Lamar, Stepdaughter, Adele.''

However, Roger added: ''I do play to my children and they say 'yeah, that sounds amazing!' Honest.''