Duran Duran want to win the Q Emoticon Award in 2016.

The British band were named the Q Icon award winners at the event at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London earlier today (19.10.15), and have revealed they've set their sights even higher for 12 months' time.

NICK RHODES, who founded the group in 1978, told BANG Showbiz: ''I thought icons were things on computers, like small symbols.''

To which band-mate Simon Le Bon shot back, jokingly: ''No that's emoticons! We're going to come back and win the emoticon award next year, you get presented with a small smiley face.''

Meanwhile, the band members also revealed they keep their accolades in some rather unusual places.

Asked where he keeps his awards, Nick said: ''In a cardboard box in a garden shed. So no one will steal them of course.''

By contrast, Simon said he keeps his prizes with family members, revealing: ''My mum has got some [and] my dad has got some.''

What's more, Nick revealed he was surprised to have been handed the Icon Award, having previously won a Lifetime Achievement Award.

The 53-year-old star said: ''You know the funny thing is the last time we won a Q Award, I think it was a Lifetime Achievement Award, we sort of thought they were trying to tell us something at the time. At least the Icon Award shows that there's life after a Lifetime Achievement Award.

''It's a good awards ceremony it's lunchtime, there was a great crowd in I saw Gary Numan, Jean Michelle Jarre, Tony Iommi - who is from Birmingham like me - and of course New Order.''