Duran Duran are suing their own fan club.

The 'Girls on Film' hitmakers have filed a $40,000 lawsuit against Worldwide Fan Clubs (WFC) for failing to deliver on several agreements in a contract signed in 2010.

WFC agreed to create and manage the band's fan club, and reportedly also agreed to be responsible for the sales and inventory of Duran Duran's merchandise, collect membership fees and maintain accounting records, with profits to be split 75-25 in the band's favour.

Lawyers acting for the 'Rio' hitmakers argue the company failed to keep accurate financial records and have not handed over agreed payments, the Chicago Sun-Times newspaper reports.

The group's NICK RHODES admitted last year the band were busier than ever, with a photography book, a new album and a stage show all in the pipeline.

Discussing his own photography exhibition, he said: ''''The people who did the exhibition with me, the Vinyl Factory in London, would like to do a book because I have so much more than was even in the exhibition.

''We've started working on the new Duran album already too. I think it will be out sometime next year. And John Taylor and I are working on a musical together. That's something that we probably won't have finished for a year or more. We're keeping ourselves busy.''