The curious case of cancelled HBO drama Luck took another turn this week after it was reported by The Hollywood Reporter that Barbara Casey, who worked as the director of production in the American Humane Association’s film and television unit, has filed a lawsuit against her former employer and the HBO network.

Casey is accusing her employer AHA of conspiring with HBO to cover up the fact that several horses were dying on the set of the horse racing drama, which starred Dustin Hoffman. Casey is also accusing AHA of wrongful dismissal after they terminated her contract in January 2012. "AHA bowed to political and financial pressure and refused to report the Production Defendants' conduct to the authorities," she alleged in the suit. "AHA instructed Plaintiff not to report such conduct. AHA engaged in efforts to conceal and cover up the production defendants' criminal activities."

No reply from AHA has been forthcoming, but HBO said in a statement "We took every precaution to ensure that our horses were treated humanely and with the utmost care, exceeding every safeguard of all protocols and guidelines required of the production. Barbara Casey was not an employee of HBO, and any questions regarding her employment should be directed to the AHA."