It's been known for a while that Dwayne Johnson will portray DC anti-hero Black Adam in the forthcoming film of the same name, but it seems that movie may not be the character's first onscreen appearance. He's been rumoured to play the main villain in 'Suicide Squad 2'.

Dwayne Johnson at the Berlin premiere of 'Baywatch'Dwayne Johnson at the Berlin premiere of 'Baywatch'

While Black Adam is usually depicted as the nemesis of Captain Marvel, aka Shazam (who will get a movie of his own in 2019), he has certainly been involved with the Suicide Squad within the comic book world. Now it seems he could be playing the 'weapon of mass destruction' that the supervillain team are sent out to uncover in the upcoming 'Suicide Squad' film sequel.

The news was apparently leaked to The Wrap, while The Rock himself hinted at a surprise for Black Adam's introduction earlier this year. 'We have a really cool surprise for Black Adam that I can't reveal, in terms of where we will see Black Adam being introduced', he told Fandango in May.

It may seem unlikely that Dwayne Johnson will have time to shoot 'Suicide Squad 2' given that his filming schedule includes Disney adventure 'Jungle Cruise' and a potential new season of HBO show 'Ballers'. He's also been announced to do a 'Fast And Furious' spin-off with Jason Statham as well as a 'Big Trouble in Little China' remake, Shane Black's 'Doc Savage', 'Journey 3: From the Earth to the Moon', 'San Andreas 2' and action thriller 'The Janson Directive'.

However, if he can manage to fit all that in, a few scenes at the end of 'Suicide Squad 2' (we're expecting a similar amount of screen time as Cara Delvingne's Enchantress in the first movie) shouldn't be too much of a struggle.

Few details are known as of yet about the film, except that filming is set to begin in October 2018 with Gavin O'Connor ('The Accountant') apparently at the helm. Margot Robbie, Jared Leto and Joel Kinnaman are likely returning to their respective roles of Harley Quinn, The Joker and Rick Flag.

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Harley Quinn will be getting her own spin-off in David Ayer's 'Gotham City Sirens' and the as yet untitled Joker-Harley Quinn love story project. Meanwhile, it's unknown as of yet whether or not Black Adam will appear in 'Shazam!', which will be directed by David F. Sandberg and star Zachary Levi in the lead role. Adam Sztykiel is currently attached as the writer for the 'Black Adam' film.