DWAYNE 'THE ROCK' JOHNSON bought a gift for each child at the famous New York toy store FAO Schwarz.

The wrestler-turned-actor, 51, surprised customers shopping with their little ones by paying their bills in a clip shared on Instagram this week.

The doorman said: “Hey, everybody, it’s toy soldier Johnny from FAO Schwarz. The Rock just purchased everybody’s toys for the holiday season!”

With his credit card in tow, the 'Black Adam' star said: “I know you have not bought your gifts yet. Y’all come with me.

“Gifts are on me right now. Let’s go to the register.”

After everyone was led downstairs, he told the cashier: “Ring everybody up."

Jimmy Fallon was also at the store.

The late-night talk show host, 49, asked the shoppers using a robot voice changer: “Who is your favourite wrestler-turned-actor-superstar?”

Before he appeared and surprised them.

The 'Jungle Cruise' star explained that he wanted to give back to the city that made him and the toy store that holds a special place in his childhood memories.

He shared in the caption: “I love to do crazy cool [redacted] for people, because it keeps me from going insane.

“When I was a little boy, my old man would wrestle in New York City once a month at Madison Square Garden — and every month I would dream about going to FAO Schwarz to buy a toy. Finally, my mom took me to FAO back in 1983 and I bought ONE TOY for $13 bucks (a magic set) and walked around that magical toy utopia thinking ‘oh my god this place is HEAVEN.’”