The latest social media war sees two of the most unlikely people in the world crossing paths - them being Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and Charlie Simpson from Busted and Fightstar. And weirdly enough it's all over the forthcoming sequel to 2017's 'Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle'.

Dwayne Johnson at the LAFH AwardsDwayne Johnson at the LAFH Awards

It all started when Dwayne Johnson revealed the release date of the 'Jumanji' sequel alongside a teaser trailer on Twitter. Musician and self-confessed wrestling fan Greg Rankin nudged Charlie Simpson about the news with the ironic comment, 'you will be loving this news', complete with a winking face.

'Oh dear... I wonder if it will be the second worst film ever made??' Charlie responded, still in the comments section on Johnson's post and tagging his Busted bandmate Matt Willis. Naturally, the former WWE champion didn't take kindly to the criticism of his movie, in which he starred as Spencer.

'Haha I have a fun idea - how bout you watch it with us and tell us your thoughts', Johnson replied. 'Then we listen to your music and we'll tell you ours. You know, face to face like real men do instead of yapping on Twitter.'

Ouch. Greg used the moment to get The Rock to listen to his music (which he kindly did - how cool is that?!), before apologising for landing Charlie in a Twitter war.

'Haha sorry to disappoint but I don't do Twitter `beef', it's lame', Charlie hit back. 'I actually think The Rock seems like a really rad dude. Just wasn't a fan of the movie. Subjective opinions and all that. Respect none the less.'

Meanwhile, Matt Willis confessed that the actor is his 'favourite actor/ person/ idol EVER', so that's nice. But perhaps the former wrestler didn't need to go in so hard on Charlie. After all, the movie was critically acclaimed, became the fifth-highest-grossing film of 2017 and was certified Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes - so what does he need to prove?

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In case you're interested and your name's not Charlie Simpson, 'Jumanji 2' will be released on December 13th 2019.