Dwayne Johnson revealed 'Black Adam' filming is planned for this summer.

The 47-year-old star will play the titular DC Extended Universe villain in the upcoming flick - which is currently slated for release in December 2021 - and he hopes to start work on the project in August or September once the coronavirus crisis has eased.

He told BroBible: '''Black Adam' we still plan on shooting probably at the end of summer now - probably pushed maybe into August, maybe September. So we will see, but I can't wait for that.

''I have been training so hard for months and months and months and months for 'Black Adam'. And that is a passion project for me, it's a role that I hold dear in [my heart], and into my DNA. So I can't wait.''

The former WWE star recently opened up about how he had been working on the movie since 2008.

The Rock said: ''Black Adam has been with me for over ten years now. That gives you an idea of passionate I am about this project. How passionate our Seven Bucks (Johnson's production company) is about this project.

''Warner Bros., New Line Cinemas, DC, they have been so incredibly supportive over the years. 2008 was when we first started talking about this. So it has required patience by all of us as partners.''

Johnson has revealed how he lost out how he was disappointed to miss out on the chance to play the title role in 2012 action thriller 'Jack Reacher' - and its 2016 sequel - with Tom Cruise getting the part.

He said on Instagram: ''Now, this was ten years ago, and I was in a much different place, I recognise that. Tom was the biggest movie star in the world, and I was not.

''I got the call saying 'Hey, you didn't get the role' Look, I didn't even know if I had a shot for it, but the people around me at that time made me think that I did. I felt like I did, I felt like 'Why not me?' (sic)''