Can you smell what Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson is cooking? A brand new show for NBC! Johnson's production company Seven Bucks Production is joining forces with the producers of 'American Ninja Warrior', A. Smith & Co. Productions as well as Univeral Television Alternative Studio to bring new game show 'The Titan Games' to the network in the near future.

Dwayne Johnson looks set to continue his domination over the entertainment industryDwayne Johnson looks set to continue his domination over the entertainment industry

Said to "offer everyday people the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to compete in epic head-to-head challenges designed to test mind, body, and heart", the show will see contestants take to an arena to tackle one of six 'Titans' that are reigning supreme. If they manage to take down their competitor, they will steal their slot in the arena and send the former 'Titan' packing.

Speaking about the competition in a press release, Johnson explained: "We wanted to create a new kind of athletic competition unlike anything ever attempted before. 'The Titan Games' will challenge competitors to succeed in ways no one thought possible while entertaining the whole world at the same time."

Co-founder of Johnson's production company, Dany Garcia added: "With 'The Titan Games', we wanted to create a platform that would allow competitors of the highest caliber to be tested on multiple levels, to grow, to battle for success and ultimately be given their moment in the spotlight."

Casting for the series is already underway, so it's obvious that NBC are taking the future of the series extremely seriously. Following the outpouring of love we've seen for the likes of 'American Ninja Warrior' and even classic British game show 'Gladiators' back in the day, we imagine that the thirst for something like 'The Titan Games' is still at an all-time high. With Johnson involved, success seems to be the dead-cert direction that the show is heading in. Let's hope Johnson is hosting!

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We'll bring you more news on Johnson's upcoming series 'The Titan Games' as and when we get it.