Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson could “identify” with Black Adam because of his brown skin.

The 50-year-old actor stars in the title role of the new superhero movie and explained that while he grew up as a fan of classic DC character Superman, he was “mesmerised” upon seeing Black Adam for the first time and is “thrilled” to be making the movie.

He said: "I grew up a DC fan as a little boy. I'm still a little boy. DC all the way and when I first saw 'Superman' - that was always my favourite. But when I saw my first Black Adam comic, I was mesmerised. He looked so intense, he was cool and he wore black and gold. And he had brown skin so I could really identify with him and I thought 'I wanna be that guy.' So this idea of being Black Adam has been with me since I was a little boy and this has been a passion project of mine. I have fought very hard for this, for 15 years this movie has been in the making. So I'm thrilled."The ’Jungle Cruise’ star went on to explain that it would have been “harder” for him to make the movie back in 2007 because it was difficult to get studios to invest in a superhero project that was not based around well-known characters like Batman or Superman.

Speaking on ‘This Morning’, he added: “15 years ago, I was in a different place in my career and also - back then - it was harder for our studio partners to look past the Justice League. I was asking them to invest in a property that was not man Batman, Superman, Superwoman, or Wonderwoman. It was just a bit more challenging for them so see it. And so, the whole goal was to help build out the DC universe. It just took a lot of time and I get it, I understand, the easier bat is that everyone knows Batman or Superman.

“Black Adam is an anti-hero, he's also a protector. It's raising a lot of great dialogue. There is a code of ethics and honour that superheroes uphold bringing the bad guys to justice. "

‘Black Adam’ was released in cinemas on Friday 21 October.