DWAYNE 'THE ROCK' JOHNSON ''dreamed'' of becoming a country singer.

The 47-year-old star is best known for his careers as a professional wrestler and an actor, but he has now admitted that when he was a teenager, his dream job was singing country hits.

Dwayne lived in a ''little s**thole motel'' in Nashville, Tennessee, when he was 15, and says the experience made him want to become a ''traditional country music singer''.

Speaking during an Instagram Live over the weekend, he said: ''I did have a dream of becoming a country singer. I used to spend a lot of time down on music row. I wanted to be a traditional country music singer. Had a decent voice that could carry a tune but I ended up buying a car from a crackhead ... that's a long story ... but it is the best thing that never happened to me.''

The 'Jumanji: The Next Level' star also had hopes of making it into the NFL after playing college football for the University of Miami, but went undrafted after entering the 1995 NFL draft.

Dwayne - who secured a wrestling contract a year later in 1996 - added: ''It's just like me never making it to the NFL. It was the best thing that never happened.''

Meanwhile, the 'Jungle Cruise' actor recently said he was ''nervous'' about moving from wrestling to acting because he wanted to make sure he had a ''long-lasting'' Hollywood career.

He said: ''I wanted to have a real, long-lasting career that had weight and had value. And I wanted to become a real box office presence. I wanted to have a real box office cache. And I wanted to be the #1 man in the world of Hollywood in terms of box office draw.

''That was my goal at 29 years old and I was prepared to work my ass off but I also knew, I gave myself a 10-12 year plan, but life is so unpredictable.

''I was really nervous because I also knew historically it didn't matter. Whoever was successful in another arena, just because you were a successful professional wrestler did not mean, in any uncertain terms, that you were gonna become a box office star or a legitimate movie star. There were no guarantees.''