Johnson told his followers on the social media site how he met a young girl called Lexi, who has been receiving treatment for an unspecified illness, and she named Justin Bieber as her top pick for a date for her big school event.

He posted a photo of the pair in his gym on and wrote, "Her mom just shared a story that touched my heart... she said every time Lexi has to go to the hospital for a treatment she always says 'I gotta be strong cause The Rock told me to be strong!' Then she brings my picture with her to the hospital as a strength reminder. Hearing that story gave me instant perspective (and gratitude). Hey, look I got some pretty cool things going on in my life... I believe in hard work and little luck to get ya you) by... but moments like this with Lexi will always be the best part of my fame."

He later posted a video of the two talking about her homecoming dance, and when she replied that she would prefer Justin Bieber to be her date, he wrote the caption, "Damn you Bieber! She clearly didn't get the memo priceless moment."

Bieber replied to The Rock on, and asked, "When is the dance? Hit Scooter (Braun, Bieber's manager) and let us know. And no worries. You are her second favourite..."

Unfortunately for Bieber, the dance had already taken place, and Johnson replied afterwards, "The dance happened already happened but I appreciate your kindness. Keep workin' hard bro (I'm still her #1;) (sic)."