The Spider-Man 2 star escaped from the blaze at the building in New York City on Tuesday (01Sep15) along with his family, and he tried to save his neighbour, Vivien Eng, from the flames, but was pushed back by smoke.

She was eventually removed from the apartment by firefighters and admitted to the burns centre at New York-Presbyterian Hospital, but she died of her injuries on Wednesday (02Sept15), according to the New York Daily News.

Eng, 51, enjoyed roles on Broadway in shows such as The King and I, as well as parts in TV shows and an appearance in Lee Daniels' movie Precious.

The Good Wife actor Baker tells, "When I opened the door, it was a full-fledged fire. It was just terrifying. I banged on the door (to Eng's apartment) and shouted her name. I opened the door - I was surprised to find it open - and there was flames everywhere, and smoke coming out at me so I had to slam the door... I yelled again, I didn't hear anything. So we got the heck out... Called 911... Vivian's a lovely person... She's a friend of ours. Our daughter won't get that image out of her head."

Fire officials in the Big Apple have attributed the blaze to "careless discard of smoking materials".