Review of Cautionary Tale Album by Dylan LeBlanc

Singer-songwriter Dylan LeBlanc's music sits somewhere between a blissful world of indie folk and a darker world full of his own personal demons. After two critically-acclaimed solo albums and walking away from a major label deal, LeBlanc began to struggle with drink and self-doubt. Thankfully, he returned home to Alabama and penned this beautifully haunting third album, 'Cautionary Tale'.

Dylan LeBlanc Cautionary Tale Album

The album is filled with gorgeous melodies and LeBlanc's stunning vocals, but it's the sound of a man that has battled through a storm and come out the other side stronger. This album is his cautionary tale not just to others, but to himself, as he tells stories of past regrets and his struggle with drink. Behind every exquisite melody is the tale of a man trying to avoid slipping into old ways.

'Cautionary Tale', the stand-out opening track, sets the tone for the whole album. It's a beautifully written pop-folk song sitting somewhere between Ryan Adams and the Fleet Foxes, depicting a man who, despite his best efforts, is still repeating the same painful mistakes over and over. It's incredibly catchy and by far the most memorable track on the album; you'll find yourself going back to it time and time again.

The album is not all doom and gloom by any means. While it may have darker themes, the music itself is glorious. 'Man Like Me' is sublime, making you feel like you're waking up to a beautiful Spring morning. The album is filled with driving acoustic guitar and piano, reminiscent of Elliott Smith's later releases. It's a joy to listen to, and even though a couple of songs fall a little short of the rest, it's sure to be a real success for the young singer-songwriter.

The album is released on 15th January with UK tour dates soon to follow.

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