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Five More One-hit Wonders Of The Noughties

Noughties one-hit wonder Sandi Thom recently got her name into the headlines for the first time in nearly a decade last week.Sadly, it was not for reasons she would have wanted, as her tearful, expletive-strewn...

Colin Farrell Campaigning For Gay Marriage Rights

Colin Farrell is campaigning for gay marriage rights in Ireland.The Hollywood actor is putting his support behind a 'yes' vote in his native country because he believes in equal rights for the LGBT community and...

Is 'Paper Doll' John Mayer's Response To Taylor Swift's 'Dear John'?

John Mayer has a new song out, one that the singer has seemingly written in a fit of inspiration after listening to a song by one of his exes; Taylor Swift. Mayer's 'Paper Doll' features...

Frankee Desperate To Knock Eamon Off Top Spot

EAMON's ex-girlfriend FRANKEE is praying her retaliatory single F*** YOU RIGHT BACK tops the British singles chart this weekend (16MAY04), because it will be the perfect form of revenge. The jilted lover of Eamon...

Eamon Has Stated He Never Dated Frankee, Despite Her Angry Song

R&B singer Eamon has fought back against his chart rival Frankee, by denying the fact that they used to date. The New York based rapper shot to fame with the release of his song, 'F**k...

Eamon Welcomes Ex-girlfriend's Jibes

Foul-mouthed rapper EAMON is delighted his ex-girlfriend has released a song retaliating to his number one hit F*** IT (I DON'T WANT YOU BACK) - because he's pocketing most of the royalties. The New...


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