Ed Sheeran has given Calvin Harris his ''seal of approval''.

The 'Feel So Close' hitmaker is rumoured to be dating Ed's good pal Taylor Swift and the 24-year-old singer has lavished praise on the DJ.

He told New Zealand's ZM Online: ''No, he's cool. He's a really nice guy. Really, really nice guy.

''Yeah, I'd give the seal of approval ... There are just certain people who are just nice people in the industry. I met [Calvin] like a year ago ... Really good guy.''

Meanwhile, the 31-year-old singer is said to be ''really taken'' with Taylor.

A source said: ''It's refreshing for Calvin to be with someone who isn't trying to get something from him, who isn't just using him because he's well known.

''Taylor is not what he expected. She's down to earth and not affected by fame whatsoever. He's really taken with her, and everything about it.''

Calvin is also reportedly taken aback by Taylor's independence and good nature.

Another insider shared: ''Calvin says he's never been with a girl so independent, so fun and so genuine. All of these qualities are a real turn on for him.

''He loves the way Taylor makes him feel and he loves the way she treats people, especially her fans. She's just an overall good-hearted person and he knows deep down inside that she likes him for the right reasons.''