Ed Sheeran didn't think ''much'' of his hit single 'Shape of You'.

The track has proven to be one of the most popular records of 2017, but Ed has confessed he never thought a lot about the tune and also, that he never expected to be the person singing it.

He said: ''None of us thought that much into it. I didn't make the song to be mine to sing.''

Songwriter Johnny McDaid explained that the record came together surprisingly quickly because Ed is so impatient in the studio.

He told the New York Times newspaper: ''I honestly believe it's because Ed is so impatient that he can't wait for me to get a drum sound up.

''So he goes out and he says, 'I'll just do it on the guitar.' This is fifteen minutes into meeting him and we're away. We're off.''

Ed added that he makes a conscious effort to create a ''stripped'' sound.

He said: ''I'm always a fan of keeping it more stripped. I'm an acoustic artist, first and foremost.''

This comes shortly after Ed revealed he would ''make 5am illegal'' if he were to find himself as Britain's Prime Minister.

However, the musician admitted he doesn't think he'd do a particularly good job at running the country.

As he shared a headline from a news article on Instagram, which claimed that the young people in Britain had voted for him to replace current leader Theresa May, Ed wrote: ''I can't even think of a caption for this let alone run the country but I would make 5am illegal and ketchup compulsory in all places with chips (sic)''