Ed Sheeran isn't worried about becoming a ''fat slob'' because his records aren't sold on his looks.

The 'Sing' hitmaker, who will release his second album 'x' later this year, believes his appearance has nothing to do with his success and feels he doesn't have to watch his weight.

He said: ''I don't think I've ever sold records based on my looks, which is positive, 'cos it means that even if I do become a fat slob when I'm older, it won't matter.''

New track 'Take It Back' features lyrics about his looks, with the lines: ''I don't ever want to be perfect, 'cause I'm a singer that you never want to see shirtless.''

He also seemingly makes reference to a sexual encounter with a fellow star, singing: ''Sleeping with a movie star and adding to the population,'' but refused to name the famous woman.

Ed told the new issue of Q Magazine: ''I'm British so I have to be a gentleman in these situations and not say any names.''

The 23-year-old singer jokingly added: ''But you know what? I spent a year in America and did what any young lad would, which is experience Hollywood life. I think it's the best way to put it...''

Ed's success in America has seen him work with Pharrell Williams on tracks and Rick Rubin, who produced his new record, the follow-up to his debut '+'.

He added: ''I wanted to take full advantage of the opportunities that were given to me from the doors opened by the American success.''