Ed Sheeran is "cool with everyone" in the music industry.

The 30-year-old pop star is often praised for being one of the most likeable people in the industry, but Ed insists the most of his closest pals are actually from his childhood days.

The 'Perfect' hitmaker - who lives in Suffolk in England - shared: "I get on with pretty much everyone but in terms of very close personal connections, like people I’d invite to my house for dinner or to hang out with my daughter, I can count them on my fingers.

"I’m cool with everyone. I’ll have nights out with loads of people, but many of the other people in the industry I meet are the same - their closest friends are the people they’ve known for years, people they grew up with."

Ed has made a concerted effort to keep his family life private over the years.

And the pop star admits he loves spending time at home away from the spotlight.

Ed - whose daughter, Lyra, was born in September last year - told The Sun newspaper: "The house in Suffolk is great, it’s where I feel most able to be myself, and I’m proud how environmentally friendly I’ve been able to make it.

"There’s a hedgehog sanctuary, beehives, we’ve got newts, snakes, deer - the whole point was to be a real eco-house.

"I’ve planted 14,000 trees but also I have my own pub with a tunnel connecting it to the house.

"That came about just from wanting somewhere private where I could chill out. Daniel Radcliffe said he stopped relaxing and enjoying himself when he was out because everyone would be, ‘What does Harry Potter dance like?’ - and I found myself the same. You can’t really relax.

"In a pub you can have a nice conversation with a friend but I find it very difficult to let loose these days with camera phones everywhere, so I built something in my house where they aren’t allowed."