Ed Sheeran thinks Noel Gallagher's view that modern musicians are ''careerist'' is a compliment.

The 47-year-old High Flying Birds frontman previously attacked today's generation of rock and pop stars for being too focused on accomplishments and wanting to be involved in the business side of their careers.

Noel previously said: ''One of the main differences for me is that bands these days are careerists.''

However, Ed thinks it's a good thing that artists are more ''savvy and sensible'' than they were in the 90s when Noel conquered the world with Oasis.

The 'Thinking Out Loud' hitmaker told Big Issue magazine: ''I know it's not a very artistic thing to be, into the way things work, but I wanna know everything. Drake's the same, Taylor Swift knows everything about everything.

''Pop stars nowadays are just more sensible, more savvy because it doesn't last as long. It's do your time, earn your money, buy some property and when it all goes to s**t you've got something to fall back on. Whereas his [Noel's] generation, a lot of people just lived for the day. And managers were crooks, record labels took 50 percent.''

He added: ''When I signed my deal my manager said, 'I know the f***ing deal you gave to James Blunt last week so you'll give Ed exactly the same because I know you can.' Before, it was, 'Record deal? Cool! Sign, done, hits, where's the money!?' Now, everyone's cautious.''