Christmas is the 'Perfect' time of the year for cheesy videos; and, indeed, if Ed Sheeran had dropped the video for his new single any other time we'd be uber-cringing. Luckily for him, we're starting to feel rather festive, so romantic cliches are totally allowed.

Ed Sheeran at the Q AwardsEd Sheeran at the Q Awards

The singer appeared alongside 'Before I Fall' star Zoey Deutch in the 'Perfect' visual, which dropped today (November 9th 2017). It depicts two friends who confess their romantic feelings for each other during a holiday ski trip, and every single ridiculously romantic thing that doesn't happen in real life, happens. If only life was this idyllic.

Directed by Jason Koenig, the video opens with Ed riding on a train through some snowy mountains and forest, gazing at a photograph of himself and Zooey before meeting her and some friends at a cafe and embarking on a scenic road trip up to a skiing / snowboarding resort.

After a few goes on the slopes - where Ed is gently helping Zooey get the hang of it and the pair get snuggled up on the cable car - they end the evening with some drunken revelry and a karaoke session at a nearby tavern. Though instead of all leaving together, of course Ed and Zooey go off on their own while snowball fighting and making snow angels.

Just when you thought things couldn't possibly get more trite, they're eating pizza back at their cabin and Ed gets out his guitar and plays his sweetheart a love song. Next thing we know, they're dancing and kissing outside by lamplight, adopting a stray kitten and waking up beside each other fully-clothed.

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'Perfect' is the fourth single from his third album 'Divide'. He allegedly wrote the song about his girlfriend Cherry Seaborn and later described it as 'the best love song of [his] career'. Still, it only reached number four in the UK and didn't quite reach the popularity of 'Thinking Out Loud' as he had hoped.