Ed Sheeran has collaborated with David Guetta.

The 'Sing' crooner has confirmed he recently got into the studio with the French DJ to write and record two tracks, however, he has no plans to release them as they will be given to other artists.

He told Billboard.com: ''Two days ago, I wrote and recorded two songs with David Guetta, for some other people to sing. I'm going in tomorrow to do some stuff for myself.''

While Ed is still celebrating the success of his second album, 'x', the star has already begun working on the follow-up because he has no other time to write.

He added: ''This is the only time I can write - when you're promoting. There's no time at all.''

Ed's new single 'Don't' is about a cheating ex-lover - who happens to be a famous songstress - but the 23-year-old singer admits he has no hard feelings over her infidelity.

He recently said: ''With that track, I only felt that way for a week and then I made my peace with it and got on with it.

''But it just happened that that song was alright and I wanted to put it on the album. But I don't have any bitterness towards that situation at all. I literally got over it within the week and the song just stuck around.

''I know people hear the song and it might be fresh because it's the first time they've heard it but I think all parties involved have just moved on. It's a year on from writing the song and it was a long time ago.''