Pop star Ed Sheeran was told off by his father after speaking out about his experiences with drugs.

The Lego house hitmaker revealed he smoked marijuana with an unnamed U.S. rapper and that ecstasy had inspired a song on his new album X.

However, the comments upset his father John and he received a strongly-worded email from his dad advising him to watch what he says.

Sheeran tells U.S. shock jock Howard Stern, "When that came out I got an email from my dad saying 'Your career is flying, but the only thing that will f**k it all up is your mouth... Don't talk about drugs, politics, religion or money.'"

The star also admits that without cigarettes, his famous singing voice would not be the same: "When I attempted to stop smoking my voice goes (sic) - and when I am on tour I lose three gigs."