More Ed Sheeran news in what’s been a mind-bogglingly successful 2014! The distinctive singer-songwriter made a number of revelations during a Q&A session at the recent Amazon Front Row event. Where to begin?

Ed Sheeran Amazon Front Row
Ed Sheeran made some interesting revelations at the recent Amazon Front Row show

Firstly, he revealed that he’s recorded a handful of new songs with his friend and erstwhile collaborator Taylor Swift. The two featured together on last year’s hit ‘Everything Has Changed’, and Sheeran stated “it’s just a case of finding out where to put them as I don't really put collaborations on my albums. She did her last record, 1989, really quickly, in about a month, I think, so there was no time to put any on there.”

Secondly, he admitted to being a huge fan of Britney Spears and that he’d like to write a song for a future album of hers one day. Perhaps more shockingly, he even seems to be a fan of Spears’ slushy early stuff, saying "I'd go and do something a bit more like 'Everytime'. I'm a Britney fan! I've actually got the Greatest Hits - I cook to it." Really, Ed?

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Finally, Sheeran also told reporters at the event in London about how he found himself forced to dedicate a song about addiction and prostitution to British Prime Minister David Cameron at an intimate gig. The host of a house party for which he was hired apparently alerted his attention to the PM’s presence: “He was like ‘I’m so happy that you came here Ed. Obviously David Cameron is here, would you dedicate a song to him?’ And I was like ‘Oh… I’ve only got ‘The A Team’ left to sing’.”

It sounds like Sheeran made the dedication out of awkward social obligation rather than genuine celebration, it’s hardly the stuff that pop legend is made from. Oh well, we can’t all be Billy Bragg.