Ed Westwick tried to drunkenly swordfight with Douglas Booth.

The actors star together in a new movie adaptation of 'Romeo and Juliet' and the 'Gossip Girl' hunk was keen to master an action scene which sees his character Tybalt take on Douglas' Romeo, but his co-star had to point out it wasn't the best time to rehearse.

Douglas said: ''Ed's a fun guy but mad. We had to rehearse those sword fights regularly.

''One night after we'd been out. he hid behind a hotel pillar and jumped out and surprised me. He tried to get me to rehearse drunkenly in the middle of the night. I was like, 'Ed, it's 2am.' ''

Douglas enjoyed working on the film with Hailee Steinfeld - who plays Juliet - and was determined the capture the essence of a teenage romance while also ensuring his character didn't come across as ''poncey''.

He told Britain's Grazia magazine: ''I wanted to make my Romeo a little less poncey. He's a teenage boy so I wanted him fighting and horse riding. Working with Hailee was great fun.

''The first scene we did together was the balcony scene. Talk about throwing us in at the deep end. Love scenes are never comfortable. It's bizarre because you've got 100 people watching, but I think we created something really innocent and captured that craziness of first love.''