Everyone loves a good horror series and, in the run-up to Halloween, ABC are premiering a brand new ultra-violent serial killer show starring Ed Westwick entitled 'Wicked City'. Be warned though, it's a no-holds-barred bloodbath that seriously pushes the boundaries of sexual sadism.

Ed WestwickEd Westwick plays a seriously disturbed killer in 'Wicked City'

Set in LA in 1982, it follows a young man named Kent Grainger who's got a lot of issues with the pursuit of fame and fortune in Hollywood. In his mind, Hollywood took his mother, so he wants to take revenge on 'celebrity'. Thus, he spends his evenings beheading young wannabes and eerily arranging them to resemble Marilyn Monroe. He's a classic psychopathic serial killer; childhood trauma, excellent at lying his way into VIP clubs and rather charming; with one difference. He becomes extremely attached to a like-minded woman named Betty Beaumontaine, played by Erika Christensen.

Worryingly, Beaumontaine is a nurse and a mother, but she's still got an unshakeable fascination with torture and death. She totally leaves herself open for Grainger's evil plans. '[Kent] does something that is very uncharacteristic of these types of people - he appears to fall in love', Westwick told the New York Post. '[Betty] is curious about control and pain and she's a bit of a sadist. And Kent, being the guy who senses and picks up on everything, sees her vulnerability. Someone who can be manipulated.'

To make things even more disturbing, Kent is a part-time babysitter! Never fear, though, two homicide detectives named Jack Roth (Jeremy Sisto) and Paco Contreras (Gabriel Luna) are on the trail with a little help from some frightened and angry members of the LA underground. Kent is smart though, and he's even determined to scare away the law with a series of menacing phone calls.

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'Wicked City' premiers on ABC tonight (October 27th 2015).