Eddie Murphy has stated that he won't need the extra delay for swearing whilst hosting this year's Oscars. Whilst talking on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show', Eddie Murphy said that he doesn't intend on creating controversy by using obscene language.
Murphy stated: "I don't plan on cursing. I am not going to you know when I get to the Oscars say ****. Then I am going to say other things. I don't have any intentions, but every now and then a curse may slip out." It was earlier confirmed that the 50-year-old comedic legend would be hosting the 83rd Academy Awards. In other news, Murphy has landed second on the list of most overpaid actors by Forbes Magazine. According to Forbes, Murphy brings in $2.70 for every $1 he gets. However, for all the money Murphy seems to be getting, he recently refuted claims that he had bought a collection of islands in the Bahamas. Talking to Taletela, Murphy denied the false rumours established by tour guides: "If you do take one of those boat tours... they always tell people, 'And that island is Eddie MurphyS right there'. And people always go, 'I saw your island!' I don't have no island."
Eddie Murphy is currently starring alongside Ben Stiller in the smash-hit comedy, 'Tower Heist'. Murphy is also set to be the voice of Hong Kong Phooey in the animated movie, set for release next year.