Eddie Redmayne didn't know he wanted to be an actor until he was 19.

The 33-year-old star enjoyed being on stage when he was younger but admits it wasn't a life-long dream to make it his profession.

He said: ''I enjoyed it growing up but it was only when I was about 18 or 19 and did a production of 'Cabaret' at the Edinburgh Festival that I knew I wanted to make acting my career.''

And the Oscar-winning star still feels like a ''kid play-acting'' and compared making movies to going on holiday.

He added: ''The odd thing about this profession is that you still feel like a kid play-acting. There's this sense of make-believe and wonder to it that stays with you.

''Making movies is a bit like being on a summer holiday where you meet people, become friends and then perhaps go away and never meet again.''

Eddie is incredibly ''grateful'' for all his career success as he never had ambitions to be such a ''big star''.

He told HELLO! magazine: ''I never set myself any specific goals or had ambitions of becoming a big star.

''I'm only interested in being part of good films, working with talented people and making the most of those experiences. I'm very grateful. Overall, it's a very good time in my life.''