Eddie Redmayne always feels anxious on the red carpet.

The 'Theory of Everything' actor finds it daunting to appear at high-profile events but finds his nerves are eased if he knows he looks good and is wearing something comfortable.

He said: ''It's about feeling comfortable in something.

''When you do red-carpet things, there's nothing remotely calm about them. They are anxiety-inducing. And the one thing I do feel is that a well-tailored suit can really help.''

The Oscar-winning actor knows he is in a very fortunate position that he can afford to have clothes tailored to fit him and he loves having ''fun'' with his sartorial choices by donning bright colours.

Speaking to The Times Lux menswear supplement, he said: ''The great luxury for someone in my position is that you try on a suit in one of these places that doesn't fit and they have someone make it fit. But also, you do have to wear quite a lot of them, so why not have a bit of fun?''

Eddie - who is married to Hannah Bagshawe - doesn't have a stylist because he is lucky enough to have been ''educated'' by a number of famous fashion designers.

He said: ''If you're lucky enough to meet people who do (fashion design) for a profession, by which I mean the likes of Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen and Mehmet Ali at Hardy Amies, for example, they take you into their world and educate you. And I love that. That's why I don't have a stylist.''