Legendary guitarist EDDIE VAN HALEN is recovering after undergoing surgery on his injured hand.
The Van Halen star sought out specialists after the pain he first experienced in two of his fingers at the end of the band's last tour, worsened.
The experts initially suspected arthritis, but then diagnosed a bone spur, twisted tendon and a cyst in the joint of his left thumb.
He tells RollingStone.com, "During the last leg of our tour, I started developing pain in my thumb and my pinky. I didn't think much of it at the time. It got progressively worse to the point that about three months ago, I wasn't able to play at all. My pinky and my thumb were totally locked up and felt like there was something broken.
"They said the only way to fix it was surgery, which of course scared the s**t out of me, but I was told it was the only way to fix it."
Speaking after the operation, Van Halen hailed it a "success", adding, "Now I just have to let it heal. I am totally jazzed that they found the problem, fixed it and in about four months my hand will feel like I am 18 again. Thank God."