Edie Campbell thinks catwalk nerves are a ''joke''.

The British model - who has walked for many high end labels, including Chanel and Louis Vuitton - doesn't believe in last minute anxiety before participating in a show as she sees it as an easy job.

She told Vogue.co.uk: ''I think the nerves aspect is a bit of a joke. How hard can it be to walk up and down in a straight line? You just need to put one step in front of another, most people do it all the time.

''What's the worst that can happen? You fall over. Sometimes that happens to non-models too, it wouldn't be the end of the world.''

Alongside her fashion career, Edie is juggling a History of Art degree and looks forward to finishing in June so she can explore more ''varied'' modelling jobs.

She continued: ''For my sanity, I want to retain a sense of reality. It's so easy to get sucked up in it all. You get to the point when you realise that you haven't had a weekend off in six months.

''That sort of thing scares me and I want to keep it that way. If you always feel like an imposter you work harder and that makes you better at your job. You've got to keep a level of variation, otherwise you'll end up talking about nails and beauty products all the time.''