There must be someone doing some research into the statistics of the amount of celebrities ending up with mug shots in comparison to numbers for the average Joe. Judging by the rate stars such as Edward Furlong end up with their mug shots plastered over the internet, we fear being famous is potentially an additional step on the long road to felonies. Furlong has been arrested for the third time regarding allegations of domestic abuse, TMZ reports.

Apparently, he was arrested in the very early hours of the 13th of January, in Los Angeles. He already had a warrant out for his arrest for a previous charge. He has been arrested before in October and then again in November of 2012, both of which were for 'bruising up' his girlfriend, one time in public in an airport. 

Furlong appeared in Terminator 2 as a boy and continued his career in acting with appearances in American History X, and later in a recurring role in CSY: NY. However, since his relationship with drugs his spiralled out of control, and this time around his bail has been set at $50,000 and it seems he is still in custody. He was set to appear at a court hearing on Tuesday morning (15th Jan), reports E!.