Remember Edward Furlong? The hugely promising actor who broke through as John Connor in Terminator 2? Well, if you've heard of him, you're probably aware he hasn't had the best couple of years. His personal problems reached a crescendo on Tuesday morning (October 30, 2012) when arrested for felony domestic violence at LAX airport.

According to law enforcement sources who spoke with, Furlong allegedly got physical with his girlfriend at around 1am, grabbing her arm during an argument at the airport. When officers arrived, she had visible marks on her arm and the actor was immediately taken into custody. At the moment, he's still sitting in jail, though bail has been set at $50,000.

Furlong has had a funny old career, which began after he scooped a flurry of awards for his performance alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator 2. He followed it up with a couple of decent turns in indie flicks like Before and After and Little Odessa. In 1993, Aerosmith decided against featuring Alicia Silverstone in their video for 'Livin' on the Edge' (she had appeared in all other videos for Get a Grip) choosing Furlong instead. After several more movie roles, he delivered arguably his finest role in American History X, alongside Edward Norton. He played the younger brother of a neo-Nazi who is released from prison. The role landed Furlong a Young Artist Award nomination for Best Performance in a Feature Film, though he eventually lost out to Star Trek: Insurrection's Michael Welch. And then thing started to go wrong.

In 2001, Furlong was rushed to hospital in Los Angeles after suffering a suspected drug overdose. Partygoers said he had showed up at The Whiskey on Sunset Boulevard to catch a performance by the band Deadsy, though was later found lying in a pool of vomit. Later that year, he was arrested twice in the same day for two separate incidents involving driving without a license and DUI. 

In 2007, Furlong, then 27, was arrested following a bizarre incident in a Kentucky grocery store. According to police reports, the actor was yanking lobsters out of the store's tank though began to "turn around in circles" when an officer arrived at the scene. Some reports suggested Furlong - a PETA/animal rights activist - was trying to free the incarcerated crustaceans.

In 2009, Furlong's wife Rachael Bella filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences, also receiving a restraining order against the actor. Two years later, he was arrested on suspicion of violating the order and told a judge that he was completely broke and couldn't afford to pay child support for his young daughter Ethan. 

The latest incident will make unsavoury reading for fans of the actor, who is clearly talented and probably still has plenty of decent roles in him. Incidentally, Furlong has no fewer than 10 projects currently in production, including comedy drama Matt's Chance.