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Collateral Beauty Review


Dramas exploring the nature of death and the true meaning of life are always in danger of tipping over into extreme sentimentality, and this one very quickly gets bogged down in buckets of syrup. It's a slickly made movie with a first-rate cast, but occasional glimpses of gritty honesty aren't quite enough to counteract sudsy philosophising that sounds profound but is actually rather shallow.

It's set in New York, where advertising company owner Howard (Will Smith) is still lost in grief six months after the death of his 6-year-old daughter. And his business partners are worried that the company is falling apart as a result. In desperation, best pal Whit (Edward Norton), protege Claire (Kate Winslet) and rising-star Simon (Michael Pena) hire a private detective (Ann Dowd) to determine Howard's mental fitness to run the company. They also hire three actors to confront him as Love (Keira Knightley), Time (Jacob Latimore) and Death (Helen Mirren), abstract concepts he's obsessed with. But they don't know that Howard is also considering attending a grief counselling meeting run by Madeleine (Naomie Harris).

Directed with a magical sheen by David Frankel (Hope Springs) and written to within an inch of its life by Allan Loeb (The Switch), there's nothing about this film that doesn't feel contrived and controlled. In addition to their scenes with Howard, each of the three actors has an impact on the colleague who needs their specific gifts. And there are a number of revelations and twists that feel annoyingly hokey. Even so, the cast is strong enough to add moments of lightness that lift the movie briefly out of the sludge. Mirren, Knightley and Latimore have a sparky edge as the story's catalysts. While Norton, Winslet and Pena bring some raw, honest emotion to their own personal dramas.

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Collateral Beauty Trailer

Love, time and death connect every single human being on earth, we long for love, wish we had more time and we fear death. Howard Inlet was once one of New York's most sought after advertising exec's but after suffering a great personal loss, his life has been left in ruins.

Now all his friends can do is look on and see a man who once loved life now living each day wishing the end would come. To help deal with his grief, Howard writes letters to 'time', 'love' and 'death' in the hope that he'll eventually understand why he has lost so much. With a little help from his friends, Howard finds himself actually receiving answers to some of the questions he asks in his letters and hopefully finds a way to live beyond just existing.

Collateral Beauty is directed by David Frankel with a screenplay written by Allan Loeb.

Edward Norton Produced Documentary 'My Own Man' Set To Debut On Netflix

Edward Norton Netflix

Edward Norton joins the team of David Sampliner's poignant forthcoming documentary 'My Own Man' as executive producer, as it prepares to air exclusively on Netflix this Spring having premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival last year.

Netflix logo

Academy Award nominated actor Norton returns to film production with 'My Own Man', having previously worked on the Primetime Emmy winning documentary 'By the People: The Election of Barack Obama'. This new movie, a Netflix Original Documentary, is a little more personal, detailing the ever changing relationships between fathers and their sons, as it follows director Sampliner's difficult journey into parenthood.

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Michael Keaton, Emma Stone And Edward Norton Discuss The Filming Of 'Birdman' [Exclusive Featurette]

Michael Keaton Emma Stone Edward Norton Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

When approaching 'Birdman', director Alejandro González Iñárritu decided that to fully get into the mind-set of his main character, his introspective film would be shot as a continuous piece. Or rather, six continuous pieces that could be stitched together in order to resemble one continuous piece. But when confronted with the monumental task of filming large sections of a motion picture in one sitting, there were certain, fairly obvious challenges to follow even if you had, as actor Michael Keaton describes, "an Academy Award-winning cinematographer who is kind of a genius".

Michael Keaton in 'Birdman'
Michael Keaton stars as Riggan Thomas in 'Birdman'

Keaton plays the starring role in 'Birdman', one Riggan Thomson - former superhero movie star, currently attempting to reinvigorate his career by writing, directing and starring in his own Broadway debut. "Everyday was one scene," explained Keaton, "and all the actors were petrified constantly." 'Birdman' boasts a fine cast of actors, including Emma Stone, Edward Norton, Naomi Watts and Zach Galifianakis amongst others, so Keaton's statement has even more resonance. 

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Birdman - Exclusive Featurette

The cast and crew of 'Birdman' discuss the visionary filming techniques behind the movie in a short featurette. Among them are director, writer and producer Alejandro González Iñárritu, producers John Lesher and James W. Skotchdopole, and stars Michael Keaton, Edward Norton, Emma Stone, Naomi Watts, Zach Galifianakis, Andrea Riseborough and Amy Ryan.

Inarritu explains his initial idea of having the audience see the movie through the eyes of main character Riggan Thomas himself, which resulted in a one-take experience that struck fear in the hearts of the cast who, as Emma reveals, constantly had to be switched on in their roles. We also get a glimpse into the semi-hallucination effects that affect Riggan throughout the movie.

'BiRDMAN (or The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)' is released in UK cinemas on 1st January 2015.

Ed Norton Explains Birdman’s Intricate Connection To The Entertainment Industry

Edward Norton

With movies and theatre embodying the very essence of escapism, it is a time-honoured idea to set a play or film within the entertainment industry (2011's 'The Artist', for example). This is a chance to play around with ideas and themes often reflected on and behind the screen or stage, or so actor Ed Norton believes. "I think it's always fun when you have a movie about people inside the trade of entertainment," says Norton, "and then you have people who are obviously inside the business themselves and are willing to stick a fork in it a little bit. This is very much in that tradition."

Ed Norton spoke about his role in BirdmanEd Norton spoke about his role in Birdman

Norton is currently promoting 'Birdman', where he stars alongside Michael Keaton and Emma Stone. 'Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)', tells the story of Riggan (Keaton), an aging actor, best known for his appearance in an old superhero film series. In an attempt to maintain relevance, Riggan adapts a novel for the stage and prepares to make his Broadway debut. From there, the film expands on writer/director Alejandro González Iñárritu's own fears of irrelevance within the entertainment industry. 

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Birdman - Clips

Riggan Thomas (Michael Keeton) is faced with a serious problem. In an attempt to make himself appear relevant in the new world following his role as television superhero Birdman twenty years ago, he has written a stage adaptation of sixty-year-old book. But his problem is, that the actor hired to star in the production has dropped out. The plays producer, Jake (Zach Galifianakis) is in the process of explaining how much trouble they are in, when Lesley (Naomi Watts) explains that her lover, the famous Mike Shiner (Edward Norton) is ready and willing to step into the role. 

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Video - Michael Keaton, Edward Norton And The Cast Of 'Birdman' Appear At The 52nd NYFF

At the 52nd New York Film Festival, the cast of 'Birdman' were photographed arriving at the Alice Tully Hall. Amongst these were Michael Keaton, Edward Norton, Zach Galifianakis and Naomi Watts.

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Video - Emma Stone And Edward Norton Arrive At Venice Film Festival 'Birdman' Premiere

'Birdman' stars Emma Stone and Edward Norton made their arrivals on the red carpet at the movie's premiere held at the 71st Venice Film Festival. The comedy drama is set for UK release in January 2015.

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Venice Film Festival: So 'Birdman' Just Joined The Oscars Race. Big Time.

Michael Keaton Edward Norton

After the trailer hit, there was always the sense with Birdman was probably going to be very, very impressive but perhaps a little too avant-garde for the Academy. A sort of Synecdoche, New York situation. That may still prove the case, though a slew of five-star reviews at the Venice Film Festival has done nothing to hurt its chances as Hollywood gears up for the long campaign to the Oscars.

Michael Keaton BirdmanMichael Keaton in 'Birdman'

Alejandro González Iñárritu's follows Michael Keaton - a former Batman, remember - playing an actor once known for portraying an iconic superhero. He struggles to mount a Broadway adaptation of Raymond Carver's What We Talk About When We Talk About Love and, in the days leading up to opening night, battles his ego and attempts to recover his family, career and himself. 

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'The Grand Budapest Hotel' Is An Instant Hit With Critics, In Praise Of Wes Anderson's Delightful New Movie [Trailer + Pictures]

Wes Anderson Saoirse Ronan Willem Dafoe Tilda Swinton Edward Norton Adrien Brody Bill Murray

The Grand Budapest Hotel is preparing to throw its doors open to the world, having premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival in February. Director Wes Anderson has built his career upon his idiosyncratically quirky, colourful and surrealist movies and the eagerly-anticipated Budapest looks to be no different.

The Grand Budapest Hotel Owen WilsonThe Grand Budapest Hotel Raplh Fiennes
Critics Have Heaped Praise On To 'The Grand Budapest Hotel.'

Early reviews have bathed the movie in a warm glow of praise, loving the kitsch details, kooky plotline, and star-packed cast, which includes (deep breath), Ralph Fiennes, Saoirse Ronan, Willem Dafoe, Adrien Brody, Owen Wilson, Jeff Goldblum, Jude Law, Bill Murray, Edward Norton, F. Murray Abraham, Mathieu Amalric, Tilda Swinton, Jason Schwartzman, and Harvey Keitel.

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Edward Norton Does A Surprisingly Good Job Hosting Halloween-Themed SNL

Edward Norton Janelle Monae

This week’s SNL was not just the Halloween episode – which is usually more treat than trick – but also Edward Norton’s very first time hosting the sketch comedy show. Despite Norton’s lack of any kind of comedy background, he pulled off quite a funny show. His Woody Allen impression in the opening monologue was spot on and, of course, he did have plenty of help.

Edward Norton, Mercedez Benz Fashion Week
Norton did great, despite not having a comedy background.

And we’re not talking about Jenelle Monae demonstrating her impressive vocal chops or killer style here, though she did do both of those things. There were two celebrities that popped by during Norton’s opening monologue, to provide the greenhorn host with some oldschool SNL wisdom – Alec Baldwin and Miley Cyrus. And while Baldwin definitely has some experience to back him up – and his jokes got a good round of laughs – Cyrus did seem a bit nervous and too scripted, her tongue gag raising eyebrows, more than prompting laughs.

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'Salinger' Documentary Puts Reclusive Author's Life Under Magnifying Glass [Trailer + Pictures]

Judd Apatow Edward Norton J. D. Salinger

A documentary addressing the life of famed late poet, J. D. Salinger, entitled Salinger has been released in the US. The feature-length, Shane Salerno-directed piece depicts the author's life through interviews, clips, photographs and his novels and also addresses the reasons why Salinger effectively went into hiding.

Salinger Movie
Dissecting The Life Of The Author You May Know Little About.

Jerome David Salinger, AKA Jerry, found unbridled success with his 1951 story of adolescence, The Catcher In The Rye as well as 1961's Franny and Zooey. However, he chose not to publish any more work after 1965 and led an embattled life as he struggled with the publicity his novels garnered, perpetuated further by his notoriously prickly disposition and dislike of attention.

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Salinger Trailer

J.D. Salinger - known to his friends as Jerry - is the mysterious author of the most famous adolescent book in the last century, 'The Catcher In The Rye'. Little has ever been known about the talented Jewish author; he preferred to keep his private life out of the public eye, stopped taking interviews 30 years before his death and hated being photographed by the media. In 1965, he had stopped publishing stories altogether and few people knew exactly what had happened to him. Few people also knew about his troubling experiences in the army during World War II and there were rumours that he had suffered a nervous breakdown and worked on his writing alone in an isolated cabin. It was no wonder, in some respects, that he wanted to stay out of the limelight as much as possible, after three young boys used the novel to justify cold-blooded murders. Now, some of the most sought after details of his Salinger's personal life are revealed, from his relationships to his emotional struggles.

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Moonrise Kingdom Trailer

In 1960's New England, Sam and Suzy meet after the former sneaks backstage before a show, which features the latter. The pair fall in love and, from then on, communicate by writing letters. The pair makes a pact to run away together. Sam will escape from his summer camp and Suzy will climb out of her bedroom window.

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Frida Review

Very Good
After withstanding a decade of development, a race between two competing projects, and the mural-sized egos of Jennifer Lopez and Madonna, a film biography of Frida Kahlo has finally made it to the screen. Who would have guessed that a film about a mustachioed, Mexican woman with a peg leg and an overweight, Communist husband would generate so much interest? Nevertheless Frida's producers, including star Salma Hayek, somehow prevented this unique story from becoming a disastrous vanity project and ended up with an unlikely Hollywood film.

Frida Kahlo's (Salma Hayek) first meeting with Diego Rivera (Alfred Molina) and her injury in a horrible bus accident set in motion the two major forces behind Frida. Bedridden for months in a full-body cast, the young Frida keeps herself busy--and learns to express her internal passions and pain--through drawing and painting. Falling in with the womanizing Rivera and his bohemian cadre of artists and revolutionaries deepens Frida's commitment to her painting and life with the loyal but philandering muralist. Their art carries them from Mexico to New York and back in the company of such impressive historical figures as David Alfaro Siqueiros (Antonio Banderas), Nelson Rockefeller (Ed Norton), and Leon Trotsky (Geoffery Rush).

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25th Hour Review

If you were to write a screenplay about a drug dealer who has just 24 hours of freedom left before he begins a seven-year prison sentence, what would you have him do? Repent? Fashion an elaborate escape? Have plenty of sex? That's probably why you haven't authored any Oscar-quality screenplays lately. Writer David Benioff, on the other hand, is likely to see a little golden statuette up close next year for his work on 25th Hour, a remarkable new film based on his novel of the same name.

Neither tearjerker nor suspenseful crime drama, 25th Hour is extraordinary in that it avoids all the clichés that such a premise so often invites. It is instead a carefully focused character study about a charismatic but condemned man who must come to grips with his sentence before morning. Edward Norton plays Montgomery Brogan, the felon in question. He spends his last free hours visiting his father (Brian Cox) and attending a going away party in his honor at a New York nightclub. In tow are his girlfriend (Rosario Dawson) and his two childhood pals, Frank (Barry Pepper) and Jakob (Philip Seymour Hoffman) -- the latter of which is so perfectly cast that you can't help but chuckle the first time you see Hoffman give his usual dyspeptic sneer, signaling that he is disgusted not only with his high school English students but essentially the entire outcome of his life.

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Death To Smoochy Review

Classic children's television show hosts like Mister Rogers and Barney make great role models for children, but their trite style makes them easy targets for adult jokes. Danny DeVito's latest project, Death to Smoochy, is well-intended with its mockery of children's television and those inane hosts, however it is completely misdirected in its efforts to be funny.

After the obnoxious but popular host Rainbow Randolph (Robin Williams) is caught taking bribes from parents who want their kids on television, network head Frank Stokes (Jon Stewart) pulls the plug on his show. An exhaustive search through the downtrodden Barney wannabes to replace Randolph yields a pink, squeaky-clean rhino named Smoochy (Edward Norton), who becomes an overnight success with the kids despite his preachings of bland politically correct messages to children. Despite Smoochy's best wishes, his boss Nora (Catherine Keener) wants to cash in on the show's newfound success by selling Smoochy-sponsored cereals, cola, and string cheese. Randolph, on the other hand, is hell-bent on making life miserable for the rhino, and Smoochy's crooked agent (Danny DeVito) is busy making backdoor deals trying to sell Smoochy out to the mob.

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Edward Norton Didn't Want Credit For 'Kingdom Of Heaven' Character

Edward Norton Orlando Bloom Ridley Scott

'Fight Club' star Edward Norton doesn't think that his role in 'Kingdom of Heaven' should have been credited, in order to add mystery to the character. Norton portrays King Baldwin in the Ridley Scott epic - the masked king of Jerusalem afflicted with leprosy. The 'Best Actor' and 'Best Supporting Actor' nominee believes, however, that if the role had gone uncredited, it would have added to the characterisation of Orlando Bloom's lead role.

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Norton explained the reasons behind these thoughts to 'Empire' magazine, saying: "I didn't want to be billed because Orlando Bloom's character keeps hearing about him. There's this anticipation, this big mystery about him. It's the whole point. And it was a free trip to Morocco!"

Kingdom Of Heaven Review


For almost five years now, Hollywood studios have beentrying to duplicate the success of "Gladiator"by making the same big-budget historical battle epic over ("TheLast Samurai") and over ("Troy")and over ("KingArthur") and over ("Alexander").

Each movie has re-imagined history from a modern, let's-keep-an-open-mindperspective and hewed to a shopworn formula in which the hero rallies hismen against great odds and for a greater good. He invariably leads theminto the same blood-and-mud war scenes, which are always shot in the samestaccato slow-motion that characterizes the chaos of combat but forgetsthe audience needs to be kept abreast of who is winning. The hero alsoalways finds time to romance a beautiful woman from another culture.

Aside from having different casts, the only significantvariations between these films seem to be 1) whether the hero was of noblebirth or came up from nothing to become a great leader, and 2) whetherthe battlefields are green and forested or brown and sandy. One thing mostof them definitely have in common is that they've bombed at the box office.

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Frida Review


Most movies about the lives of famous artists never provide a true sense of what drove the person's creativity. Even in a strongly acted, strongly directed biopic like 2000's "Pollock," for example, the closest it came to explaining why heavily splattered canvases were a breakthrough in modern art was when the painter's wife cryptically proclaimed, "You've done it, Pollock! You've cracked it wide open!"

But in "Frida," a transporting cinematic experience about the life and work of Mexican surrealist Frida Kahlo, director Julie Taymor captures the very essence of Kahlo's creative process through a wondrously rich, freeform visual language that fuses the events of her life with the imagery in her paintings so vividly that the artist's work may take on a striking new significance for anyone who sees the film.

Passionately played by Salma Hayek, who has been personally shepherding this project for seven years, Kahlo comes to life in this picture as a complicated, dynamic, proud and intelligent woman whose frequent hardships informed her art. Opening when she was a plucky high school girl (36-year-old Hayek passes for 16 with remarkable ease), Frida is established as a young woman with a spicy individuality even before the 1925 bus wreck that irreversibly altered her life.

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