Elbow were "gutted" when their last album failed to reach number one.

The 'Grounds for Divorce' group released their ninth LP 'Flying Dream 1' in 2021 but it failed to follow their previous three efforts in hitting the top spot, only getting as high as number seven in the album charts, and though they were disappointed, they acknowledged it was a "very different" record to appeal commercially, and they also faced stiff competition.

Singer Guy Garvey admitted to The Sun newspaper: “Yes, we were gutted. We were super proud of it but it’s a very different album and it came out on the same day as Adele’s album.

“It’s very difficult to place in a live set or get radio space. I think the only way you could perform it is in its entirety, which we might do.”

The group are now back with a more upbeat album, 'Audio Vertigo', and the 50-year-old singer deliberately steered away from writing songs about the "troubling" issues in the world.

He said: “We live in a troubling age. And I started writing my feelings on many issues but I thought, not only do I not want to finish this, but I also don’t want to listen to it.

“Everybody’s on the same page in terms of fear and division and whatever side of whatever argument you’re on, everyone’s frightened and angry. The album is distracting from, rather than reflecting all the things that everybody is worried about.

After celebrating his milestone birthday last month, Guy has reflected on his career so far and set some new goals for himself.

He said: “A lot of blokes hit 50 and go, What haven’t I done? But I feel quite fulfilled in that department.

“I’d like to make another solo album as I rushed the first one. So I’m probably going to take my time and see if I can work with some people that I’ve always wanted to work with. I really want to do a duet with Alison Moyet.”

And the singer joked touring will be harder now he's in his 50s.

Asked what their next tour will be like, he joked: “Controlling my booze consumption worries me far more than the performances. And also sleeping on tour buses with our 50-year-old bodies — I might need a back crack after a few days.

“No, we are buzzing. These are really exciting songs and we can’t wait to play them live. We haven’t played for a year and a half, so playing the old stuff, will be something too. We just can’t wait.”