Starring Mad Men’s Elizabeth Moss, The One I Love follows Ethan (Mark Duplass) and Sophie (Moss) attempt to salvage their flagging marriage by taking a vacation to a beautiful house for a weekend getaway. However, an unexpected journey forces them to look at their relationship, and themselves, in a totally different way. 

The One I LoveMoss [L] and Duplass [R] are superb in 'The One I Love'

In a celebration of the leading twos’ acting, the critics have praised ‘The One I Love’, but were quick to point out some of the notable plot points that lead to a 76% rating on Rotten Tomatoes instead of something in the 90s. 

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“Moss' combination of surface sweetness and watchful coldness - of studied placidity and cutthroat honesty - is right in line with the movie's aura. And Duplass brings in the comedy, in a performance that ranges from slapstick to menace,” wrote Mick LaSalle of The San Francisco Chronicle. 

“The One I Love" is diverting, but nothing catches fire, despite Ms. Moss, an amazing actress fast breaking free of the limits imposed on her by "Mad Men,” said Manohla Dargis in her review for The New York Times. 

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According to Peter Howell of The Toronto Star, “Director Charlie McDowell and screenwriter Justin Lader raise both smiles and pulses with their impressive feature debut, which never overplays its sneaky hand.”

And once more, in praise of the central characters, Michael Philips of The Chicago Tribune writes: “Moss and Duplass are just about perfect in it, never begging for audience sympathy, merely working inside their characters for audience empathy. But this strikes me as a short film that has been blobbed out, uncertainly, to feature length.”

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