Elisabetta Canalis is going to have a hard time convincing anyone she's traded in George Clooney for a better model with the news that she's rumoured to be dating 'Jackass' stuntman STEVE-O. There'll be no doubt she'll be having a lot of fun with the 37 year-old however, whose stunts include attaching a leach to his eye and pouring a can of beer into his rectum, reports US Magazine.
Italian-born actress Canalis dated Clooney for almost 18 months before the pair split up in June of last year; the latter subsequently went on to find happiness with former wrestler Stacy Keibler whilst Canalis enjoyed a short fling with 'True Blood' actor MEHCAD BROOKS. Now it appears that the 33 year-old is dating STEVE-O (real name Stephen Glover) after the pair were seen eating together and subsequently running a number of errands, stopping regularly for kisses and prolonged making out.
In truth Canalis career hasn't really hit the heights of her personal life antics, the actress probably at her most high profile when dating the hugely bankable Clooney. The only English-speaking films of note she's featured in have been the somewhat tepid 2005 comedy 'Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo' and the 2007 romantic comedy 'Virgin Territory,' which also starred Tim Roth, Mischa Barton and Hayden Christensen. In America, relationships aside, she's probably now best known for her short-lived stint on last year's season of 'Dancing With The Stars,' getting knocked out in the second round. Maybe STEVE-O is more of a step-up than we first thought.