24 star Elisha Cuthbert is relieved she wasn't expected to dub her character in the hit drama for its new French-Canadian audience - because she insists she would have "butchered" the language. The actress was raised in Montreal, Canada and admits she grew up speaking a little French but would have been terrified if TV bosses had asked her to give her 24 character, KIMBERLY BAUER, a Gallic twist. She explains, "They have very strict rules to make sure the people that do dub over the voice are mother-tongue French and their first language is the French language. "Unfortunately, I grew up speaking English at home and certainly do not have the ability or the authority to tell them that I'm good enough to speak the language. I do speak French when I go home and it's sweet and it's fun but it's certainly not good enough for the French public. "If I'm out and about ordering food, shopping and what not, of course I speak French - it's is a huge part of Montreal and, growing up in that sort of environment, you had to sort of know how to speak it to a certain extent. "But it's a difficult language with a lot of rules and I would hate to put myself in the position to sort of butcher it on TV."