Eliza Doolittle spills ''everything'' in her new album.

The 25-year-old singer - who released her last album 'Eliza Doolittle' three years ago - insists she's gained more life experiences since her last release and she's been penning tracks about ''things that really matter'' for her forthcoming album.

She told London's Capital FM radio station: ''[I have] definitely been on a journey since the last record, it's been three years since the last record and I'd like to think as a human I've grown, let alone as a musician, and everything else.

''I guess I've just been really honest and written about things that really matter to me and just spilt out my everything.''

The 'Skinny Genes' hitmaker believes music should appeal to everyone and aspires to be an artist that is adaptable for everyone's needs.

She added: ''It is quite diverse and I like that - think music should appeal to everyone. There is always one or a few artists who appeal to all sort of people and of course I want to be one of those people.''

The lead single for her second studio album - which is still unnamed - is out this weekend.