Some may know her as Effie Trinket in the 'Hunger Games' film series; other may have seen her in the more recent 'Power Rangers' big screen adaptation. What you may not know about Elizabeth Banks however is that the actress is planning on moving behind the camera and sitting in the Director's Chair for a planned 'Charlie's Angels' revival at Sony.

Elizabeth Banks is working on bringing the franchise backElizabeth Banks is working on bringing the franchise back

Originally coming to viewers as a small screen crime drama between 1976 and 1981, 'Charlie's Angels' enjoyed some big success. Then came a whole slew of botched attempts of reviving the franchise, before a film adaptation in 2000 that featured Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu as the three leading Angels.

Enjoyed by so many that it enjoyed a 2003 sequel subtitled 'Full Throttle', fans were upset to learn there wouldn't be a third instalment in the series and, ever since have been patiently awaiting news of the 'Charlie's Angels' franchise.

Though Alfred Gough and Miles Millar did their best with a TV remake in 2011, the show failed to stick and lasted just four episodes before being given the axe. 2015 however saw Banks come to an agreement to direct a new reimagining of the series - and it looks as if some serious discussions have been taking place.

"It was mentioned to me in passing at a meeting at Sony, like, 'Hey, we'd love you to do something with 'Charlie's Angels'," Banks explained in a chat with The Hollywood Reporter. "I went home and, as a lot of creative people will say, I dreamed about it. It has to stay with you, you have to visualise it, you have to have some seeds of ideas. I felt like I had a take, so I went back in and pitched it, and they really liked it."

It's clear that Banks has a huge passion and love for the 'Charlie's Angels' franchise; something that's needed when bringing a property back to the big screen that's already enjoyed some success. Whether or not that passion will be enough to make it a success however remains to be seen. 

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We'll bring you all the latest news on the 'Charlie's Angels' reboot as and when we get it!