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27th July 2016

Fact: Actress/director Elizabeth Banks poked fun at U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump on the second night of the Democratic National Convention Tuesday (26Jul16) by recreating his fog-filled, silhouetted entrance at the Republic National Convention. The Hunger Games star even walked out to Queen's We Are The Champions, the same song Trump was criticised for using last week (begs18Jul16). The British rockers slammed Trump for the "unauthorised use" of their track.

1st June 2016

Fact: Fans of Pitch Perfect will have to wait a little longer for the third instalment of the blockbuster a cappella film to premiere - bosses at Universal have moved the release date of Pitch Perfect 3 to 22 December, 2017. The move comes weeks after executives pushed the released date from July (17) to August (17). Elizabeth Banks returns as director for the film, and most of the cast is also reprising their roles, including Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson.

9th December 2015

Fact: Elizabeth Banks, Taraji P. Henson, Lena Dunham and Cate Blanchett have made the The Hollywood Reporter's 2015 Women in Entertainment Power 100 list for the first time. The actresses join the ranks of studio heads and movie bosses, like James Bond producer Barbara Broccoli, on this year's leading ladies list.

5th September 2015

Fact: Actress Elizabeth Banks narrowly avoided a red carpet disaster at the Venice Film Festival on Thursday (03Sep15) as the heel of her designer stiletto got caught in her long gown. The Hunger Games star, who is a member of the festival jury, stumbled in front of the cameras as her Christian Louboutin sandals became entangled in the hem of her floral Elie Saab dress, but she managed to regain her footing and kept her cool as she unhooked her heel from the fabric. Banks went on to laugh off the fashion mishap with the crowd.

5th June 2015

Quote: "It's a prequel. It takes place before the first movie, which takes place in 1981, when we were all in our 20s playing 16 years old. It's now 14 years later so we're all in our 40s and we're playing 16 years old!" Elizabeth Banks, 41, jokes about reprising her role in the cult 2001 comedy WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER to play a teen again for the upcoming Netflix series. The show will reunite the actress with her original castmates, including Bradley Cooper, Paul Rudd, Amy Poehler and Christopher Meloni.

15th May 2015

Fact: PITCH PERFECT star Elizabeth Banks and Johnny Knoxville are among the stars who have designed canvas tote bags to benefit the LilySarahGrace non-profit arts programme in Los Angeles. The bags will be available at the third annual LSG Craft Fair, which will be staged at Milk Studios in Los Angeles on Sunday (17May15). The charity was founded by Matthew Badger in honour of his three daughters who died in a fire at the family home in Connecticut on Christmas morning (25Dec), 2011.

15th May 2015

Quote: "I heard that Floyd Mayweather, it's on his play list of things to relax to." Elizabeth Banks reveals boxing champ is a fan of her film Pitch Perfect. The actress has directed the sequel, which hits cinemas in the U.S. on Friday (15May15).

3rd May 2015

Quote: "Floyd Mayweather is an incredible fighter, but he just bored me out of $100." Actress Elizabeth Banks echoed the thoughts of U.S. boxing fans who paid $100 to watch the uninspiring Mayweather/Pacquiao fight on pay-per-view on Saturday night (02May15).

1st May 2015

Quote: "I've always been a fan of her work and that’s sad to hear she said those things about me." Tara Reid is disappointed by comments Elizabeth Banks made about her career path in a new The Hollywood Reporter interview. The Hunger Games star was quoted as saying, "There was a group of us girls coming up. A lot of us are surviving. Some of us are not. I used to go to auditions with Tara Reid. So, you know, we didn't all make it. We're not all still here..."

29th April 2015

Quote: "There was a group of us girls coming up. A lot of us are surviving. Some of us are not. I used to go to auditions with Tara Reid. So, you know, we didn't all make it. We're not all still here... I do love Sharknado." Elizabeth Banks is glad she survived Hollywood better than some of her peers.

11th March 2015

Fact: THE HUNGER GAMES star Elizabeth Banks is in talks to portray tennis ace Billie Jean King in a new movie about the sport's fabled Battle of the Sexes match. The actress will team up with Paul Giamatti, who will play Bobby Riggs in the TV movie, which will chronicle the sports legends' 1973 court meeting. King, the world's number two woman, defeated the retired Wimbledon champion.

8th January 2015

Quote: "The first time I met a male stripper was in college - my sorority, we bought one... and he showed up in a police uniform... He got naked and I was so disgusted I actually ran out of the room at some point. He left his socks on... We all sorta thought, 'Is this, like, his third gig of all time?'" Actress Elizabeth Banks hopes film fans are more turned on by the strippers in the Magic Mike sequel, in which she stars, than the one she hired for a party at college.

8th January 2015

Quote: "Now that I'm older I wish I had walked around totally naked from, like, 19 to 26. I don't blame Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian... I'm like, 'Yeah, sure, go for it. I want that photo evidence too when I'm 65!' Cool is a strong word for how I feel about it; I'm still a feminist and I want them to have great ownership over their imagery." Actress Elizabeth Banks wishes she had more naked pictures of herself when she was at her prime.

18th November 2014

Quote: "If you give me your phone number on Twitter, I will call you and if you're not there your brother will not believe that it's me, and then you never get to talk to me." The Hunger Games star Elizabeth Banks likes to phone fans.

17th February 2014

Quote: "I'm weirdly big on oral health, it's like a thing with me. I make my living with this mouth, you only get one of them... Oh God, everybody... I meant with my smile." Actress Elizabeth Banks has an embarrassing moment during an appearance on America's The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson as she talks about her obsession with dental hygiene.

26th June 2013

Fact: The Hunger Games star Elizabeth Banks has signed on to play Brian Wilson's second wife Melinda in a new biopic about the Beach Boys frontman. Love & Mercy will feature Paul Dano and John Cusack as Wilson in different stages of his life.

17th April 2013

Quote: "I'll look and suddenly there's a fire truck on top of the baby - or a shoe!" Actress Elizabeth Banks' five-year-old son Felix loves leaving presents for his baby brother Magnus in his crib.

12th April 2013

Quote: "When I'm actressing (sic), which is my day job, and which I'm doing right now, I leave the house at 4.30 in the morning five days a week and I get home at six, and hope to get two hours with them (children) before they go to bed. So I'm slightly miserable about that." Actress Elizabeth Banks struggles to balance her Hollywood career with family duties.

9th July 2012

Tweet: "Sure, orgasms are nice but nothing beats the bliss of a perfectly popped blackhead." Actress Elizabeth Banks on her simple pleasures.

4th June 2012

Tweet: "I'm gonna make cookie dough and sneak it into the MTV Movie Awards tonight. Go Hunger Games!" Actress Elizabeth Banks will be snacking throughout the Mtv extravaganza on Sunday (03Jun12), where her blockbuster is nominated for eight trophies.

21st March 2012

Quote: "The nails (were) the worst part. I had these huge bejewelled (nails). You can't undo a button. They are really cool (but) completely impractical. I don't understand how anyone can use those. I couldn't use my BlackBerry... (and) I couldn't go to the bathroom." Actress Elizabeth Banks on the nails she had to wear as Effie Trinket in The Hunger Games.

13th March 2012

Quote: "The undergarments... were very constricting and oppressive. I wanted to make sure that Effie was constantly reminded that she is not truly free." Actress Elizabeth Banks' tight underwear helped her stay in character while filming The Hunger Games.

25th January 2012

Fact: Elizabeth Banks' husband Max Handelman is the author of sports book Why Fantasy Football Matters.

18th January 2012

Fact: Elizabeth Banks has confirmed reports she's playing Peter Pan's fairy friend Tinkerbell in a new movie she is producing. The live action movie, called Tink, chronicles the mischievous sprite's adventures after she is kicked out of Never Never Land. She says, "We're in script stage and everybody is really excited."

13th October 2011

Fact: Actress Elizabeth Banks has sold a comedy series she has created with her writer husband Max Handelman to U.S. TV network Fox.

25th August 2011

Tweet: "I just got an email, subject: How Much Does It Cost To Raise A Baby that I just flat-out deleted b/c (because) some things should not be known to me." New mum Elizabeth Banks is ignoring any information on the price of kids after welcoming a son in March (11).

12th February 2010

Fact: Actress Elizabeth Banks has signed on to host the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ Scientific and Technical Awards on 20 February (10). The Catch Me If You Can star will present 15 awards during the evening.

12th January 2009

Fact: Jeweller LORRAINE SCHWARTZ designed earrings specifically to compliment HOUSE star Jennifer Morrison and Amy Adams' Oscar De La Renta gowns at the Golden Globes on Sunday (11Jan09). Busy Schwartz also designed gems for Christina Applegate, Elizabeth Banks and Beyonce Knowles.

6th December 2008

Fact: Elizabeth Banks, Terrence Howard and Rainn Wilson will announce the 66th Golden Globe nominations at the Beverly Hilton hotel in Los Angeles on 11 December (08). The awards will take place at the Beverly Hilton on 11 January (09).

20th October 2008

Quote: "I'm constantly getting, 'You're someone, aren't you?' And the fact of the matter is, I'm not quite somebody yet." The 40-Year-Old Virgin star Elizabeth Banks.

18th October 2008

Fact: Rosario Dawson was the original choice to play wannabe porn star MIRI in Kevin Smith's new comedy ZACK + MIRI MAKE A PORNO, but she chose to sign on for action movie EAGLE EYE instead. Elizabeth Banks eventually landed the role opposite Seth Rogen.

8th October 2008

Quote: "I met GEORGE W. Bush and he told me he hates to watch himself on television and I think that's totally obvious... Bush is absolutely the worst at speaking; there's nothing presidential about him." Elizabeth Banks, who plays Bush's wife LAURA in Oliver Stone's upcoming biopic W.

16th September 2008

Quote: "I'm not a fan of plastic surgery. Oh, and I've never had a wax in my life. Waxing makes no sense to me." Actress Elizabeth Banks isn't obsessed about her looks.

16th September 2008

Quote: "The idea of getting in the car and driving to the gym and finding parking - it's just not happening, because the whole thing could be a two-hour endeavour." Actress Elizabeth Banks has her excuses for not hitting the gym.

4th June 2008

Quote: "I think it's the sweetest, funniest movie you're ever going to see... that also has ass-f**king. That should be the tagline." Actress Elizabeth Banks on her upcoming movie ZACK AND MIRI MAKE A PORNO.

27th March 2008

Fact: Elizabeth Banks and Josh Brolin are to play America's first couple LAURA and GEORGE W. Bush in Oliver Stone's new presidential biopic W.

15th February 2008

Quote: "God gave her an extra liver, or something... She's got some gift." Actor Ryan Reynolds is impressed with his DEFINITELY MAYBE co-star Elizabeth Banks' drinking ability.

14th June 2007

Fact: Spider-Man 3 star Elizabeth Banks will play a cruel stepmother in the horror remake A Tale of Two Sisters.

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