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'Burton And Taylor' Re-imagined By Carter & West, But Was There Any Chemistry?

Helena Bonham Carter Elizabeth Taylor Richard Burton

It was the real-life and onscreen romance that fascinated millions and now the unique romance of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton has yet again been brought back to life in the BBC4 biopic, Burton and Taylor, that aired last night (22nd July).

Burton & Taylor
Burton And Taylor:
Helena Bonham Carter & Dominic West Brought The Fabled Romance Back To Life.

Set in 1983, the Richard Laxton-directed biopic tracks a period of the lovers' lives where they appeared together in the Noël Coward play, Private Lives, in New York.

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Prince Jackson Witnessed His Father's Death: AEG Court Case Continues

Michael Jackson Paris Jackson Katherine Jackson Tito Jackson Elizabeth Taylor

Michael Jackson's eldest son, Prince, appeared in court today (June 27, 2013). Katherine Jackson, Michael's mother and the legal guardian of his children, is suing concert promoter AEG for hiring Dr Conrad Murray as Michael's private physician. Prince and Michael Jackson's two other Paris and Blanket are also named as plaintiffs. 

Katherine claims the company are at fault for hiring Murray and their negligence led to her son's death. Dr Murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in 2011. He had prescribed Jackson an overdose of propofol which resulted in his death. Propofol is a strong and fast-acting drug used to relax patients or put them to sleep (usually before surgery). 

Prince Jackson took the stand today to tell the court about the last hours of his father's life. He related the traumatic events he witnessed including hearing his sister screaming whilst she watched Murray attempt to resuscitate their father.  

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Can Anne Hathaway Outdo Elizabeth Taylor In 'The Taming Of The Shrew'?

Anne Hathaway Elizabeth Taylor Richard Burton Heath Ledger Julia Stiles


Anne Hathaway is likely to pick up the Best Supporting Actress prize at the Oscars in February, though it's likely she'll be competing for Best Actress upon the release of writer Abi Morgan's adaptation of The Taming of the Shrew. The latest movie - based on Shakespeare's late 16th century comedy - was announced this week, though a director is yet to be attached, reports The Wrap.

The Taming of the Shrew has been adapted dozens of times by Hollywood, though most notably in 1967, with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton in the lead roles. The teen-movie 10 Things I Hate About You, starring the late Heath Ledger and actress Julia Stiles, was also based on Shakespeare's play. Morgan - the screenwriter behind The Iron Lady and the critically acclaimed Shame - will transfer the action to the modern day, though the movie will be set in Italy. The main plot depicts the courtship of Petruchio, a gentleman of Verona and Katherina, the headstrong shrew. She is an unwilling partipant to the relationship, though is "tamed" until she becomes a compliant and obedient bride.

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An Inspired Choice - Lindsay Lohan As Elizabeth Taylor Works For All The Wrong Reasons

Lindsay Lohan Elizabeth Taylor Grant Bowler Richard Burton

It looks as though the decision to cast Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor in Liz and Dick was both an inspired choice and a terrible one, all at once. The very idea that Lohan may have turned in a credible performance seems to have become a laughable notion, as the show’s premiere draws ever closer (it airs tonight – November 25, 2012 – at 9pm ET, on the Lifetime network).

Anyone still clinging to the hope that Lindsay’s career may have ben saved and thrust back into the land of credibility, by taking on the role of an iconic screen gem, may as well just loosen their grip now, to save the friction burns. A review from People magazine gives the TV movie a paltry two stars out of four, but suggests the project was doomed – Lohan, or no Lohan. In fact, even though she won’t be winning any awards (“she attacks the part with a relentless, huffing-and-puffing determination that throws any acting technique under the bus”), her performance still “rivets attention” – albeit possibly for the wrong reasons.

Lohan’s bullish performance even manages to overshadow the “flawless” performance from Grant Bowler as Richard Burton. The producers of the show must have known that they were onto a winner, casting a ‘just-off-probation’ Lohan as the lead in this low-rent biopic. She was always going to attract attention and bump up viewer ratings… and hey, if she turns in a good performance, that’s even better, right?

Lindsay Lohan Lampooned For Lackluster Liz Role

Lindsay Lohan Elizabeth Taylor

Lindsay Lohan recently admitted that she had to practically harass her way on to the new Elizabeth Taylor biopic, Liz & Dick, and given the first round up of reviews the producers of the film may have been better off it they held out a little longer as the made for TV film, and Lohan's performance in particular, has been universally blasted by critics.

After some time away from the screen, Lohan was eager to get back involved in being in front of the camera and threw herself into the role, being found out cold in her hotel room this summer after collapsing of exhaustion due to the rigorous filming schedule. This was just one of the many stories that emerged during filming of the biopic concerning her erratic behaviour, including reports that she trashed a trailer among other stories. So whilst she has provided more than enough free publicity for the TV film, that doesn't mean that she provided a class performance, and if the round-up of reviews are anything to go by then she has done anything but that.

The Hollywood Reporter critic Tim Goodman said that Lohan's performance was a "bad idea in the dramatic sense," but insisted that people should still watch the film nonetheless, due to unintentional comedic qualities. David Hinckley of the New York Daily News was equally unflattering, insisting that "the movie's big problem is that Lohan is no Liz Taylor."

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Lindsay Lohan In Liz And Dick, Bitten Off More Than She Could Chew?

Lindsay Lohan Grant Bowler Elizabeth Taylor Richard Burton

The run up to Lifetime's Elizabeth Taylor biopic Liz & Dick has been as controversial as Liz's own life, and as anticipated as any of her movies. Sadly, all this hype has largely been due to the problems that Lindsay Lohan, starring as the Queen of Hollywood, has garnered for the production.

From being found unconscious in her hotel room to the enormous insurance policy and 'what if' clauses in her contract the tabloids haven't been able to leave the Lohan stories alone. While her co-star Grant Bowler (you'll recognise him from Ugly Betty), who's playing Taylor's husband Richard Burton, believes Lohan was the right choice, preliminary reviews of the production disagree. 

MTV report that Grant said, "I think it was a very smart decision on a lot of levels. And it has been interesting, because reading the press before we started, there was a lot of questioning, like, 'Why cast Lindsay as Elizabeth Taylor?' And then right from the start, by the very fact that the tabloids were running around after it, you had your answer." 

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Elizabeth Taylor Queen Of Posthumous Celeb Earnings, Toppling King-of-Pop Michael Jackson From The Top Spot

Elizabeth Taylor Michael Jackson Elvis Presley Bob Marley Marilyn Monroe John Lennon Steve McQueen George Harrison

After her death last year aged 79, just two years after her great friend Michael Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor has become the world's highest grossing dead celebrity, according to Forbes. This result sees the growth of her estate beat MJ, as that was his title in 2011. 

Time report that her estate has made $210m over the past year due to an enormous Christie's auction of her belongings, which made $184m, with this, added to the sales of her perfume White Diamonds, pushed her ahead of the $145m that Jackson's estate earned. According to Dorothy Pomerantz, it's likely that Michael Jackson will hit the top spot again next year, and Taylor's success a one off due to her death. She says this is due to the multiple streams of income to his estate: "Not only does it earn from sales of his own music, Jackson owned a 50% stake in Sony's ATV catalog, which includes artists like the Beatles, Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga. His estate also collects money from the successful Cirque Du Soleil show The Immortal Tour." 

Other legendary characters that appear on the list include Elvis Presley, Bob Marley, John Lennon, Marilyn Monroe, Dr. Seuss, Steve McQueen, and George Harrison. The $145m made by the dead Thriller star is more than any other living artist today, proving that although he's not leading posthumous earning, he's still the King of Pop. Although, with two of the Beatles in this list, perhaps we can award that King-dom jointly. The Liz & Dick biopic about Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, starring Lindsay Lohan, will be airing November 25th 2012, and may just top up Liz's account a touch more.

Elizabeth Taylor Takes #1 In 'Dead Rich List'

Elizabeth Taylor Michael Jackson

Elizabeth Taylor has arisen not from the dead, but to the lofty heights of the posthumous rich-list, and in doing so, has overtaken the late king of pop, Michael Jackson

E! reports Forbes' annual list of top-earning dead celebrities is topped by Taylor, being worth a hefty $210 million, which beats out Jackson, who stands at #2 with $145m. Much of the income her estate has generated has been largely due to Christie's record-setting auction last year of Taylor's jewellery and art, which netted $184 million. The rest of the loot comes from her property sales and movies like Cleopatra and Around The World in 80 Days. The legendary actress will receive even more buzz when Liz & Dick, the Lifetime biopic starring Lindsay Lohan, premieres on Sunday, Nov. 25, while record sales and movie appearances account for MJ's riches. Another king, this time presiding over the rock 'n roll mantle, Elvis Presley still boasts $55m despite being dead since 1977. 

'Peanuts' creator Charles M. Schulz comes in at #4 with $37 million and reggae great Bob Marley at #5 with $17 million. The rest of the top 10 look something like this: singer-songwriter John Lennon at #6 with $12 million, actress Marilyn Monroe and scientist Albert Einstein at #7 with $10 million, children's book author Theodore Geisel at #9 with $9 million and actor Steve McQueen at #10 with $8 million.

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‘Liz And Dick’ Date Announced: Lindsay Lohan Movie Will Premiere In November

Lindsay Lohan Elizabeth Taylor Richard Burton Grant Bowler

Lindsay Lohan’s Liz & Dick will premiere on Lifetime on November 25, 2012. Amidst the persistent tabloid dramas, it’s easy to forget that Lindsay Lohan has been trying to revive her ailing career. However, the 26 year-old was cast to play Elizabeth Taylor in the TV movie, which will explore the late Hollywood legend’s relationship with Richard Burton. Taylor is a popular character; the subject matter alone will be enough to draw in an audience but of course, curiosity is bound to get the better of scores of viewers, who will tune in to see what the troubled actress makes of the role.

Liz & Dick follows the tale of Elizabeth and Richard’s 25 year love affair, who married and divorced twice in their time together. Their relationship was renowned for being a turbulent and fiery one, beginning when they both starred in Cleopatra together. Starring opposite Lohan, as Burton, is the True Blood star Grant Bowler.

Of course, Lindsay Lohan has gone through her own fair share of turbulence recently. During the filming of Liz and Dick, Lohan crashed her Porsche into a dump truck and just a week later, had to be treated by paramedics for exhaustion and dehydration. Was it a sign of an excessive work schedule or something else? More recently, Lindsay was accused of hitting a pedestrian with her car outside a New York nightclub, though that matter appears to now be resolved.

Fans Get Sneak Peak Into Lindsay Lohan ‘Liz & Dick’ Film

Lindsay Lohan Elizabeth Taylor Richard Burton Grant Bowler

Lindsay Lohan has given fans their first peak at the upcoming TV movie Liz & Dick with a brand new teaser trailer of the biopic of the former screen siren Elizabeth Taylor and her tumultuous relationship with actor Richard Burton. The trailer shows Lohan in a number of stills from the film as well as some clip of her and co-star Grant Bowler - who plays Burton - and is billed as the biggest television event of the year.

The biopic of Elizabeth Taylor has been a long time coming and due to be released on the Lifetime channel in November this year, after Lohan spent the summer filming it. Over the long filming schedule there have been a number of dramas involving the film’s star, Ms Lohan, including an incident where paramedics had to be called after she had been found unconscious in her hotel room. Lindsay had collapsed as a result of exhaustion following the long days of filming and later joked about the incident on Twitter. The actors' union, SAG-AFTRA, investigated the set during filming after it emerged that other members of the crew were suffering from exhaustion during filming.

Another incident occurred when the trailer that Taylor used during the filming of Cleopatra was trashed; presumably by Lohan and her friends, however she has not been found guilty of anything yet.

Arrested In New York After Hit And Run: Is Lindsay Lohan In Trouble Again?

Lindsay Lohan Elizabeth Taylor Richard Burton

Oh no Lindsay Lohan, what is Judge Sautner going to say? The controversial star was kept on a tight disciplinary leash by the judge during her probation period relating to her infamous jewellery theft case of a couple of years back, but after completing the allotted community service set by the courts in relation to the crime, it looked like the 26 year-old was back on the straight and narrow. Lohan has appeared as a guest host on Saturday Night Live and nailed a starring part in a TV movie about the late actors Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor this year, putting her career back on track.

Unfortunately, those silly little misdemeanours still seem to be biting at her heels and according to TMZ, she’s suffered another one, having been arrested for allegedly leaving the scene of an accident this morning (September 19, 2012) where she apparently clipped a pedestrian with her car in downtown Manhattan. Reports are that Lohan’s Porsche Cayenne was parking up near the Dream Hotel where she was staying when she clipped the knee of a 30-something year-old man just after midnight. Someone called the police regarding the incident and they arrested her at around 2:30am.

Lohan however is claiming that this is all a set-up, that she had no idea she hit anybody and didn’t know anything was going on until she got arrested. The man was hospitalized but he wasn’t knocked down or dragged along, making the whole thing seem a little suspicious.

Reflections In A Golden Eye Review

Based on a Carson McCullers novella, Reflections in a Golden Eye is a sordid Southern Gothic melodrama that peeks into the bedroom windows of the officers of a rural army base and finds... depravity! With an A-list cast and the leering directorial eye of John Huston, it's lots of dirty fun.

Huston's most interesting decision was to riff off the title and shoot the entire picture in a golden sepia tone with only occasional splashes of color. The print was pulled from theaters when people didn't get it, but on DVD you can see it the way Huston intended, and it's unlike anything you've seen before.

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The Flintstones Review

As asinine as Hollywood gets, only destined to see at least one sequel. Goodman gets Fred right, all the way down to the tiptoe bowling approach... but to what end? A silly plot about fraud at "The Quarry"? A fitting denoument to Liz Taylor's career...

Butterfield 8 Review

What, you wanna see Liz Taylor as a call girl? Ya perv. Taylor's heralded performance as the archetypal hooker ("the slut of all time!") with a heart of gold is a bit overrated, it's Cat on a Hot Tin Roof all over again (which she made just two years prior) -- and that was a better movie, too. Laurence Harvey is more effective as the client she falls in love with -- alas, he's married and he's a cad, to boot. This leaves plenty of time for some Oscar-caliber waterworks, which is pretty much how Butterfield 8 shakes out.

Cleopatra (1963) Review

It is virtually impossible to separate Cleopatra the movie from Cleopatra the spectacle -- and that's because they are truly and rarely intertwined.

A legend of Hollywood, the 1963 production of Cleopatra has so much curiosity surrounding it I hardly know where to start. It was budgeted at $2 million and eventually cost (up to) $44 million to produce -- close to $300 million in today's dollars. Liz Taylor almost died during the filming and was given a tracheotomy to keep her alive. The production was forced to move from Rome to London and back to Rome again. Two of its stars fell in love (Taylor and Burton) on the set, ruining both of their marriages. 20th Century Fox essentially went bankrupt, leading to the ousting of its chief. The first director was fired after burning $7 million with nothing to show for it. The second director (Mankiewicz) was fired during editing, only to be rehired when no one else could finish the picture. Taylor threw up the first time she saw the finished product. Producer Walter Wanger never worked in Hollywood again. And the original six-hour epic was cut to a little over three.

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Giant Review

Very Good
A more apt title you won't find for a movie, as Giant's sprawling epic covers some 30 years in the life of a Texas cattle baron (Hudson), his wife (Taylor), and the upstart kid who becomes rich by discovering oil on his small plot of land (Dean). Compelling in a Gone With the Wind style, yet far too long at almost 4 hours, Giant could have stood for some quite obvious cutting. How many Christmas carols, square dances, and Texas cowboy shanties can one man take?

Regardless, James Dean (in one of only three roles on film) makes quite an impression, and Taylor reminds us why we ever liked her to begin with. The cinematography is equally Giant as well -- showing off the dusty nothing of central Texas, long low plains with brush and low hills in the distant background. George Stevens (Shane) has always had a knack for landscapes, and he's at the top of his game here. On the new DVD (two restored discs, one of which is double-sided), Stevens' son asks us to reconsider the film and enjoy it one again, 45 years after the making. In a commentary track with critic Stephen Farmber and writer Ivan Moffat, he reflects on his departed father and the trio reflect on Giant's legacy. That second disc has all the usual retrospectives and testimonials we've come to expect.

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Reflections in a Golden Eye Movie Review

Reflections in a Golden Eye Movie Review

Based on a Carson McCullers novella, Reflections in a Golden Eye is a sordid Southern...

Cleopatra (1963) Movie Review

Cleopatra (1963) Movie Review

It is virtually impossible to separate Cleopatra the movie from Cleopatra the spectacle -- and...

Giant Movie Review

Giant Movie Review

A more apt title you won't find for a movie, as Giant's sprawling epic covers...