Dame Elizabeth Taylor's condition is "improving".

The legendary actress was admitted to hospital last week suffering with heart problems, and although she is staying under medical supervision, she has been able to accept visitors and experts are "gratified" at her progress.

A statement from her representatives said: "Since being admitted there has been steady improvement in her condition, and over the weekend she has visits from family and close friends.

"Her medical team is gratified by her progress to date, and it is hoped and expected that this will continue over the next few days. For now, she will remain under their care in the hospital for continued monitoring."

Spokesperson Sally Morrison also confirmed the 78-year-old screen star - who underwent heart surgery in October 2009 - did not have a heart attack.

She told People.com: "She is sleeping and resting a lot, which she really needs to recover her strength.

"Due to symptoms of congestive heart failure, she is still being monitored and continues to need rest to recover her strength. She did not have a heart attack."