Ella Eyre won't be writing about her ex-boyfriend in her new music.

The 23-year-old singer insists she won't be heading in the studio to get over her split from Rixton's Lewi Morgan because it was the ''most uninteresting break-up ever''.

She said: ''I'm friends with all my exes and Lewi is one of them. I'm still in touch with his family and his band is coming back with new music, so I'm checking up on that to see how it's going. The way me and Lewi split up was so mutual, calm and respectful. I'd struggle to write an interesting song about it because it was the most uninteresting break-up ever!''

And the 'We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off' singer says she is in a great place and won't be rushing into another relationship.

She added to the Metro newspaper's Guilty Pleasures column: ''I am very happy, I'm in a good place. I had an epiphany ... I've had three serious relationships and have f**k all to show for it, so I'm just enjoying my youth.''

Meanwhile, Ella previously revealed she wants Ed Sheeran to write her a pop song.

She said: ''I'd love to write a song with Ed Sheeran because that is my genre pop music, and who wouldn't. He had one of the biggest albums of the year you can't deny that, you can't deny there's that many people who enjoy that album and I have to say you cannot deny that he can write a bloody good pop song.''