Ella Eyre wrote about her ex-boyfriend John Newman on her new album.

The 21-year-old star has revealed she was inspired to write songs following her split from the 'Blame' hitmaker, after he penned songs about her on his debut album, 'Tribute' in 2013.

However, the pair are on good terms following their split almost two years ago and the 25-year-old musician has heard the majority of her record, 'Feline'.

She explained: ''There are definitely some songs on my album about my previous relationships.

''My relationship with John is perfectly fine and we're still good friends. He's heard most of my album and as far as I'm aware he likes it.''

Since splitting from the 'Love Me Again' hitmaker, Ella has started dating 27-year-old Rixton drummer Lewi Morgan, and was spotted hand-in-hand with the hunk prior to her London show for Sure antiperspirant on Wednesday (19.08.15).

And as she gears up to release her debut album, the 'Good Times' singer has vowed not to be changed by the music industry.

She told the Daily Mirror newspaper: ''In this industry you have to have a strong character because you never know what you are going to come up against.

''I've never allowed anybody to make me feel any less than I feel myself.

''I have never considered myself a sex symbol and I've never felt pressure to be one or be anything but myself.

''For some girls there's always been a pressure, but I've never allowed myself to become a victim of that sort of thing. I've always been a strong-willed individual.''