The trailer has been released for new sci-fi movie Earth To Echo, the latest movie to feature aliens on Earth. Due for release in summer this year, the family friendly sci-fi adventure is directed by Dave Green ('Zombie Roadkill') and written by Henry Gayden and with Andrew Panay (producer of 'Wedding Crashers' and 'When in Rome').

Earth To Echo
A Group Of Friends Make An Otherworldly Discovery In 'Earth To Echo.'

The film marks a return to the Spielbergian filmmaking and evokes the wonderment and emotion of E.T. mixed with the drama and realism of found footage thriller, Super 8. The kids central to the film's plot track their movements with a camcorder, which lends a real intimacy and personality to this exciting summer release.

Tuck (Astro), Munch (Reese Hartwig) and Alex (Teo Halm) are three best friends who are bored of feeling like they don't exist to anyone else. They prepare to part ways due to the arrival of a huge construction project that is splitting up their neighbourhood. As one final adventure together, the boys decide to investigate the strange coded messages and maps they keep getting on their cell phones.

Watch The 'Earth To Echo' Trailer:

With their parents' and the police's dismissal, the boys decide to try to crack the code themselves and end up stumbling across an adorable unearthly creature in the dark who seems to possess the power to construct objects with its mind. They decide to name the incredible alien Echo and decide to help it get back to its home.

However, once their new friend begins to attract attention and the grown ups get involved, they realise that they're in more danger than they have previously believed. Earth To Echo  will be an inspiring introduction into the science fiction genre for scores of families upon its summer release.

Earth To Echo will be released on the 2nd July in the USA and the 25th July in the UK.

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