Ellen Barkin's new TV series about an older woman wrapped up in a bitter divorce is based on her own split from her billionaire ex Ron Perelman, according to new report. Hollywood sources reported on Thursday (29Jan09) the actress had been tapped to play a divorcee who finds herself newly single after ending her high-profile marriage in the as-yet-untitled HBO show.
But the project is actually a thinly-disguised series about her own life and her failed relationship with investor Perelman, who served her divorce papers in 2006 before evicting her from his mansion, according to the New York Post.
And the newspaper insists Barkin plans to use the show to exact revenge on her ex - by spilling all the details of their messy parting.
A source tells the publication, "There's so much source material to work with. The first week, Ellen could be out on the sidewalk in her socks screaming as the movers are loading up her things. In the second week, she could soak Ron with water."
Barkin was awarded $60 million (£42 million) after Perelman ended their six-year union - and reportedly pocketed another $20.3 million (£14.2 million) after auctioning off more than 100 jewels he had given her.