Actress Ellen Barkin suffered an embarrassing injury while walking around her new Los Angeles home recently - she knocked out her two front teeth crashing into a glass door.

The Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas star rented an "all glass" house so she could live in Los Angeles while she filmed new U.S. Tv show The New Normal - and quickly realised she had to be more careful as she wandered about.

She says, "I did rent what I thought was this spectacular house that was all glass and it had all these sliding doors... On my second day there I was walking around the house and I walked into one of the (doors) and knocked my (front) two teeth out for the second time in my life... and I was sober!

"My daughter (was there) and she wanted to go right to the emergency room and I said, 'It's my front teeth, I can't go to some emergency room.'

"These ones shattered so we were, like, picking up little pieces of tooth on the floor until I just said, 'F**k it!'"

Barkin called on a discreet dentist and fixed the toothy problem.