Ellen Degeneres says she is ''pretty quiet'' in real life.

The bubbly chat show host admits people are often surprised by how low-key she is when she isn't working.

She said: ''I think what's unexpected about me is that when I'm not working, I'm pretty quiet. I like to hike, play tennis, I play golf sometimes. I like to hang out with my animals and my friends.

''I don't really have a hobby, but I'm thinking about starting to make picture frames out of macaroni.... No, I'm kidding. I need to find a hobby, though. I'm going to get serious about tennis. I live it, but I've never taken lessons.''

Meanwhile, the 57-year-old star says she is a huge fan of comediennes, including Tina Fey, because she is strong and confident.

Asked who she thinks is the funniest person alive, she told the September issue of Harper's Bazaar magazine: ''I think people like Melissa McCarthy, Amy Poehler and Tina Fey are funny. They're all self-deprecating, they're strong and funny and smart and they're each unique. They're not trying to be somebody else.''